This is not good news. This means Lamar could be suspended. We’ll keep an eye on this…

O.C. Register: Lamar Odom took about five steps off the Lakers’ bench, putting him at risk for NBA suspension, after Portland’s Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge began arguing with Ariza; Odom appeared to be trying to defend Ariza but wound up jawing with Roy before Lakers assistant coach Kurt Rambis shepherded Odom back to the bench.

  • showtimelakes

    Odom whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…..i had tix to the game on Wednesday!

  • Chris Manning

    Nothing is official but not looking good… At all.

  • KB24ForLife

    he didn’t actually step ON THE COURT…. He stepped on the black baseline.. the rule book says the court.. so lamar wasn’t actually ON THE COURT… so there’s still hope.

  • Makaveli3

    Hopefully he doesn’t get suspended.

  • jose

    they ganged up up on ariza and powell and farmar were the obly ones to come to his defense…wasnt mbenga in the game he should have grabbed ariza away…roy actually threw a punch but ariza caught his arm between his arms

  • lakerschamps09

    man LO and ariza wuda busted roy and lemarcus… those boys in portland weak as fu k…i hope rudy is ok and everything but damn ariza hit ball and his head… rudy jus fell badly dude dont how to control his balance and he dont know how to fall.. but LO will be suspended..

  • Margo

    I don’t understand everyone think Ariza should have just walked away, when ROY was Blocking his way, then 2 other trailblazers were screaming at him as well! Roy incited that “riot” by walking up on Ariza, he should have went to his teammate like FARMAR did in the beginning!They generally get the guy that STARTS it, and ROY should get a fine, or 1 game! That could have been avoided! What Bynum did to Wallace was worse, and it was a NO game suspension, so I see trevor getting 1 game.

  • Juan

    Laker fans I am afraid to say this but if Bynum does not come back it is all over Gasol is too soft and Odom is a head case


    [Comment ID #63993 Will Be Quoted Here]

    F uck off you tool. Wow this game was BS tonight I was looking forward for this game all season. It was on my top 5 games that I can’t miss because it’s like there is a damn curse in that building. I hate playing in portland. As I recall the last time we beat this team in portland was KOBE’s miracle 3pointers. We all remember that game. Wow and I had a lot of respect for roy before this game until that cocky bullsh it that he pulled tonight. Lets look at this on a non-fans point of view, TREVOR would of f ucking dropped roy and ODOM……. ha well we all know how that would have ended. And if ODOM and or TREVOR gets suspended that shows that stu jackson and david stern do not like the LAKERS. I mean yes that foul put rudy in the hospital, but he hit ball then his arms. As physics shows that rudy’s momentum was carrying him fast through the air and a little budge would have knocked him on the ground. And as for ODOM, I agree 100% with KB24forlife he didn’t walk onto the court, it was the baseline. And come on now it was literally 4 feet.

  • MagicLaker

    Not sure if any suspensions will come from this. The league suspended Amare for running out on the court in an aggressive manner when Horry fouled Nash a couple years ago, but they stated that he was suspended for “leaving the vicinity of the bench.” Odom clearly did not leave the vicinity and never actually stepped on the court. It’s true, he did get involved, but the league would have to be very nit-picky about this to suspend a player an entire game for taking a few steps on the baseline and jawing at the opposing team.

    Secondly, Ariza should not get suspended for his foul either. I think the league understands that Ariza only made a play for the ball and hitting Rudy’s head was purely incidental. Rudy landed awkwardly and that was unfortunate, but it was not the result of Ariza’s intent.

    The Laker’s need to put this loss behind them and move forward. There are 19 games left and now is not the time for any type of breakdown. They need to stay focused and keep their eye on the prize!

    Go Lakers!!


    WOW WTF you can’t say cocky on here???????

    I’m talking about my above message.


    [Comment ID #63999 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Perfectly said. I agree with you 100% on this. And in your last paragraph that is exactly what we should do. GOOD S HIT man.

  • lilkobe24



    [Comment ID #64004 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think we all agree with you on this one. Same with LO.

  • Gerald from Charlotte

    I want some of what you Lakers fans are drinking. Odom left the bench, took at least 5 steps until he was right up next to one of the Blazers.

    He’s gone for a geme, no doubt. Of course, it won’t hurt your team the way he’s been playing. Just check out the boxscore. He was more aggressive coming off the bench than he has been all week.

    Ariza might get out of a suspension, although both the LA Times and OC Register wouldn’t be surprised if he got one, too. Bad karma is coming his way, one way or the other. I’d take the suspension if I were him.

  • MagicLaker

    [Comment ID #64007 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It’s called being objective about what actually occurred. Now drink up!

  • Finally

    First thing first – I hope Rudy is OK. With that said, Trevor was not dirty on that play. He hit ball, head, and then wrist. It was a bad fall unfortunately. My initial reaction was – finally someone took a hard foul and stopped them from driving into the lane. Without injuring someone Lakers need to patrol the paint with some physical presence. At least with Shaq and Fox, they made the opponent think twice about driving into the lane. Right now, people have no second thoughts about driving into the lane.

  • Gerald from Charlotte

    [Comment ID #64010 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I will toast to you when Odom gets suspended during an on-court altercation for leaving the “immediate vicinity of the bench”. The only question will be if Vujacic gets suspended for also taking a few steps in that direction (doubtful).

    IF Ariza gets suspended, I’ll throw another one back for you. They let off Bynum. We’ll see if the Lakers dodge another bullet.

  • BROY

    Ariza isn’t a dirty player, but that play was irresponsible. Look forward to a suspension for him.

    Whoever said Roy threw a punch is an idiot. Ariza shouldn’t have kept running his mouth after the play. Show some heart, douche.


    LOOK! First Ariza wouldn’t of dropped Roy.. He’s a pretend tough guy, but a great bench player.. I have mad respect for the Lakers, but that was a stupid play by Ariza.. Anyone who’s played pickup ball at the park knows you do not go for someone while their in mid flight.. especially from behind.. it was a flagrant 1 though.. i don’t think Ariza was being dirty (well, too dirty) but he is stupid for trying to block him! Roy didn’t throw a punch he was pushing him back.. Plus Ariza walked away FRONTING like he was hard.. not even checking on Rudy.. Farmer gets my respect for checking on him.. but seriously the Lakers are trying to prove that they are tough cuz some idiots on the easy coast were saying they’re soft and they took it to the heart… So this team especially Ariza needs to stop FRONTING like their hard.. and just play better interior D and that tag will go away.. i mean you can’t be soft if you beat the top teams in the NBA.. ROY IS THE MAN.. HE STICKS UP FOR HIS TEAM MATES and doesn’t FRONT like some other Lakers seem they have to.. GO BLAZERS MUCH RESPECT TO YOU GUYS..


  • David Gamboa

    Suspend his sorry ass. He returned back to his former self, after averaging monster numbers since Bynum went down.

  • hibachi

    yawn, next!

  • lakers2000

    First off, this game was dis-freakin-scusting! I hope Rudy will be all right. If the Lakers continue on like this it will surely break my heart.. Wake up Lakers! Let’s go!!!!!!!!

  • lakers2000

    Screw all of you p#ssy Blazer fans. Go back to your g@y Blazer website, beeeaatches!

  • xtro

    hey blazerfan,

    we’ll see you guys again next month. be afraid. be very afraid.

  • LakerLoverCelticsHater

    I am still hurt by last night’s loss. To overcome the grief, I decided to write a poem. Just wanted to share it with The Lakers Nation..

    Oh My Lakers – By LakerLoverCelticsHater

    Oh My Lakers,

    If Dodgers Are The Prince,

    You Are “THE KING” Of LA Nation…

    Oh My Lakers,

    Stronger Than Ever,

    From George Mikan To Kobe “Jelly Bean” Bryant…

    Oh My Lakers,

    You Gave Us The Joy With 3-Peat,

    But How Can We Forget When You Didn’t Make The Post-Season…

    Oh My Lakers,

    Loyal Celebrities At The Games,

    From Leo DiCaprio To Jack Nicholson…

    Oh My Lakers,

    Some Fans Might Dislike You,

    But How Can They Ignore Your Presence…

    Oh My Lakers,

    We Have Purple & Gold In Our Vein,

    But Can’t Stand The Green Playing At The Garden…

    Oh My Lakers,

    The Loss Against The Blazers Was Brutal,

    But I Know You Will Step It Up Against Houston…

    Oh My Lakers,

    What The Fans Would Do,

    Without “THE LAKERS NATION…”

  • benn

    hey LakerLoverCelticsHater… worst. poem. ever.


    Shaking in my boots… Not so much.. You should be afraid you have Championship hopes, but can’t beat our 24 year old up and coming team with Salary space.. but i dont want to keep commenting on your site.. it’s a little rude and even though I’m a Blazer fan (since 99 no bandwagon) I am from LA… Therefore I have class..


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