Lamar is, obviously, keeping the Lakers and their fans hanging in the balance…

Yahoo! Sports: Don’t be surprised if NBA executives and coaches throughout the league are quietly chanting, “Let’s go Heat, let’s go Heat.”

There is no debating that superstar Kobe Bryant and fellow All-Star Pau Gasol lead the NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers. But often forgotten in the Lakers’ title run last season was the versatile play of free-agent forward Lamar Odom.

Odom is seriously considering Miami over the Lakers as his next destination. And if Odom opts for his old stomping ground of South Beach over Hollywood, forget about the Lakers being surefire title favorites in the NBA – and possibly even in the Western Conference.

“If he goes somewhere else, they’re vulnerable,” a Western Conference general manager said Wednesday. “With him, they’re the favorites.”

Said one West advance scout: “I definitely would think it’s unanimous in the league that if Lamar goes somewhere else, well at the very least in the West, that it gives you a glimmer of hope that even if Kobe plays great you’re right there with them.”

It’s been said that statistics don’t lie. Maybe not, but they don’t often tell the whole truth.

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  • PurpsNGold

    See.. I’m telling ya.. This dude is worth the wait.. He’s a rarity in the NBA.. Sheldon Williams has nothing on Odom..

    The guy is a point forward. U guys see many of those? He’s just so damn indecisive and Buss needs to stop being an A$$.

    The dude needs to be a Laker!

  • PurpsNGold

    Oh Yeah.. He would start where ever he goes.. So all u guys that says hes a bench player. U must be crazy. Apparently U didnt remember how far the Heat went into the plays with him Caron Butler and Dwade (During his rookie year) The trio tore it up.

    Lets hope he stays.

  • edtmamba7

    enough with shelden williams he has nothing on his own wife !

  • kwame4mvp

    damn get off his nuts.. in a couple months u guys will be asking for a damn trade.

  • http://thelakersnation Jer

    Im blaming this whole situation on Jerry Buss.. I mean doesnt he want to win anymore? He wasnt at the parade and wasnt even at the game 5 when they won it all. It obvious Odom wants to return, or else he wouldve went to miami weeks ago. Who cares if we’re over in the cap, we need more rings! Buss is just a old man who needs to put his so called pride to the side and offer Odom the original contracts. This is not the business you can be stingy and hold grunges in..

  • mamba_kb24

    [Comment ID #81871 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i rather have his wife than him
    she would be backup point

  • gugy

    Lakers are favorites to repeat with or without Odom.

    If Odom was a consistent player he would be an all-star and starter. The issue as we all know is that he shows up less than 40% of the time.

    I would love Odom back, but this whole drama is just getting on everybody nerves. We know Odom wants to be a Lakers, if not he would already had left long time ago. The problem is he is just too greedy and ignored a great offer from Dr. Buss few weeks back and still wanting more and more.

    That’s just lame.

  • M0Z

    Same news different day…..This is never going to end

  • Robert

    MOZ — yes! never ever ever ever ever ever going end, until the tip off in October.

  • desecrator93

    [Comment ID #81876 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL BS we’re the favs to repeat if we lose him. Just look down our bench. Does that strike fear into any of the contendors? And what if Pau or Drew goes down with a serious injury? Who’s gonna help us tread water? Josh Powell? LMAO, hell no, LO cannot be replaced. We MUST keep LO or we may not even be the favs in the West anymore.

  • Lamar_Biatch

    Lakers are favorites no matter what.

    If Lamar was such a key, Dr. Buss would have offered everything he got. I believe on Mitch and PJ assessing the value of our players. For sure they offered what they thought was the value of Lamar. So if he doesn’t come back, screw him.

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    Can you say… “Stop me, stop me, oh stop me, stop me if you think you heard this one before”

    I am so tired of this already! oooofa

  • http://iklklkl aaron24

    Its eazy sign with lakers or heat its not that hard

  • Gino

    with the salary cap & luxury tax projected to decrease next year, and potentially in the coming years, the lakers will end up paying more and more luxury tax every year even if their total team payroll doesn’t change from this year. dr. buss is just trying to ensure that he has enough money to keep the core, and make sure we’re not an aging team way over the salary cap come 5 years from now, just like the knicks under isaiah thomas’ reign. a 3 or 4 year incentive laden package is pretty damn generous considering they will have to sign pau to a new contract 2 years from now. unfortunately we just have to wait and see what lamar decides to do: be a part of a championship legacy, or join a team just figuring out if they can hang w/ the contenders.

  • k

    or in otehr words sign with another ring or miami.



  • Pistol Pete

    Hope the good Dr reads this column, not that hs is moved by pundits in the media. Piece is dead on and the Gm’s being so candid is refreshing. Listen to what they say Dr. With LO we are formidable beyond debate and future revenue and glory will come your way with more rings. Please we know you foot the bill for our enjoyment, but font forget the dark days were only a blink or two away. We wont go that far back into the abyss but the glory and joy and transcendence we just enjoyed will be in jeopardy

  • purple and gold for life

    The scariest statistic of the offseason was

    Bynum played on average 15-17 minutes (had two fouls 1st qtr all the time.

    LO Played on average 32-36 minutes (played starter minutes)

    My concern is that when Bynum gets in foul trouble and there is no Odom who is going to substitute that production of 32-36 minutes? No one on the current Laker team can give the Lakers what LO did in those minutes. Mbenga? Powell? No way!

  • http://yahoo Jodigunn

    Sign already LO, I don’t understand the problem??? why go with a sure losing team because I don’t see them beating Boston,Cleveland,Orlando, and even the Hawks. The Lakers are already champs and probably will be for a couple more years. But we need Lamar, imagine, Kobe, Fish, Gasol, LO and Artest I don’t see anybody stoping US

  • ilikebasketball


    this article is garbage.

    everyone knows what a no show odom was for most of the season.

    i love odom and when he showed up he showed up big, and i want him back.

    but jesus, he is very inconsistent, and everyone, but buss is forgetting this.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #81879 Will Be Quoted Here]

    did you forget about us getting ron artest?

  • SliqRiq

    Th only inconsistancy with Odom was his scoring……Thats it!!!!

    That is why we need him back badly cuz every night he gave us the rebounding, playmaking as well as shot blocking and the constant mismatches.

    I guess people think that scoring is the main concern with Odom but people need to realize that it’s his presence on the court it was matters mostly.

    Come on Odom Lakers need you

  • Lemski

    Look at it this way. If LO was going to sign with Miami he would of already done it. Miami has given their best offer and LO has not taken it. LO knows what Miami position is in the negotiations. The only flexable point is if the Lakers are willing to increase their offer. He’s just hoping the Lakers up their offer which at this point Dr. Buss hasn’t done and probably won’t.

  • Geloman

    Maybe Odom should sit the season out and maybe he’ll get a better offer next season.

  • Sheds

    So how could it be that Odom was so inconsistent, but he is the guy with the 2nd best plus minus stats in the league all season?

    So either the stats lie or your vision of this guy seems a bit blurred from a few years past…

    Odom does not have to be a scorer. Being on the floor, creating missmatches, altering shots, guarding anyone from small forward to center. Pushing the ball upcourt at times. Getting offensive rebounds and making plays on offense when everyone else seems to be stuck. That is what he brings to the table. And if you just see an inconsistent guy because he is not scoring 15+ every game, then you clearly do not understand his role and value on this team and why every GM in this league wants him to be with another team. Yes, he makes the Lakeshow that good because of all the different things he does, plus he is a great chemistry guy. I really hope he doesnt have to read all the crap that is thrown his way on this blog by “fans”.

  • Lamar_Biatch

    here is the deal.
    Odom is an idiot.

    Dr. Buss already made a great offer. There is nothing the Lakers can do now. Is either Odom stay and get more ooo rings or leave and exit early on the playoffs in Miami.
    The difference in money is not that great, so it is not really rocket science.
    I just hope he is not smoking too much to figure this out.

  • lalball81

    Funny.. Lamar had the second highest +/- rating in the league. Yes, he had a higher overall +/- than Kobe. Highest on the team. Second only to LeBron, who had a whopping 800 +/-.

    Do you guys know what that means? It means that Odom was one of the most valuable players in the league in regards to how well the team played while he was on the floor. He makes guys better. What other 6’10” guy in the league can rebound and start his own fast break? What other PF is willing to come off the bench on a championship squad, that can average 10 rebounds, a couple of blocks, and a couple of assists per night? And have no ego? AND be a great locker room presence? You guys are fooling yourselves if you belive LO wasn’t a HUGE reason we won the chip this year. No other PF in the league other than KG posseses Lamar’s skillset. So what if he doesn’t “bring it” every night? We don’t WANT him to be a 20/10 guy, we want him to be a 14/10/2 playmaker.

    Again, I ask.. What PF other than LO (and KG) will make a no look touch pass and find the open man. Who can take his man off the dribble and to the hoop. Who can drop 27/18 on Cleveland IN Cleveland. Put back dunks, offensive rebounds, timely blocks, sick passes, great boardwork. Odom can be replaced? Please.. If the Lakers are serious about repeating they HAVE to resign Odom.

  • lalball81

    Not to mention, it’s ODOM that the team huddles around before games. He’s the one pumping them up before the tip of every game. No, not just anybody can do that well. The team has to WANT to circle around you. Which is what stats don’t say about Odom; he has tremendous chemistry with this team.

  • Troy

    The Celtics got old not better.
    The Spurs got old not better.
    The Magic got better that is it.
    The Cavs got better that is it.
    The Mavs got better that is it.
    The Jazz well what have they done.
    The Nuggets well what have they done.
    The Blazers have money but no player to spend it on.
    The Rockets stink.
    The Suns stink.
    I don’t care if LO is back or not. The Lakers WILL be Fine.

  • Lakers4u

    Jeez stop hating on ODOM. He has been QUIET TO THE MEDIA since early july. The media is creating hate and love and people need to stop taking the hate up the butt. He is securing HIS FUTURE, and buss is trying to not lose money in the future. They both have their valid reasons for dragging this deal out. Lets be real:

    1. Lakers are a much stronger team with odom regardless of his small flaws. Stats dont lie. Stats are not the ENTIRE story…but they dont lie. Btw…this was a really well written article.

    2. Buss is using his butt-hurtness of odom talking to miami as an excuse for pulling the initial offers when in reality…he realized the initial offers would be overpaying odom and really hurting buss financially. If he really was all about the lakers winning championships and did not care much about money…he would have offered the same initial offers again.

    3. Odom wants at least 4 guaranteed years. The BEST lakers are going to offer is 3 guaranteed with a possible 4th…AT BEST. Odom needs to accept that and go with the lakers.

    4. All media outlets keep saying that lakers are giving him more money, he is dumb not to take it. Here is the truth: After an extra million a year from miami in tax breaks…odom’s contract is approximately 5 years 39 mil GUARANTEED with an option to opt out and become a free agent after 3rd year. Thats almost 8 mil a year for 5 years. THE BEST OFFER the lakers had was 4 years 36 mil with 4th year not guaranteed, but 3 mil relief for the 4th year. So guaranteed money is 4 years 30 mil. (9 mil a year, 9 9 9 3). THEIR BEST OFFER is not even as good as the heat offer. And buss has been rumored to lower his offer by 4 to 5 mil.

    THIS MEANS: lakers will not have a better offer than heat over the course of 4 or 5 years which makes it very possible for odom to sign with miami. SOMEHOW…odom needs to be convinced that the current market and economy will NOT be in the shitters 3 years from now…and he should take a better solid short term deal from the lakers and hope to get a good contract after 3 years. EVEN I cant convince myself of that. Lets hope odom can.

  • Toon

    LO’s versatility can be deceiving. Though he does much with his talent on the court, ask yourselves how often he shows up. He is one of the most talented 6’10 players now, but inconsistency takes away from his “potential.”

    Who would you rather have, a great player that shows up half the time or an average player who is willing to work his ass every second?

  • http://iklklkl aaron24

    fuck odom only if he leaves

  • lalball81

    A great player that shows up half the time. Because even when he doesn’t show up he’s still an average player.

  • Robert

    This statistic may help (or hurt) our cause:

    It shows that the Lakers (LAL) had a great 5 man rotation (several
    versions) which produced a great Net +/- scoring (not the highest, but probably the highest average of the different rotations). You can see Ariza and Odom as members of these teams (of course). There are ‘several’ instances of the Lakers 5 man team, ranging from +9 to +17. Most other teams have their rotations scattered (even though it looks like Portland has the ‘best’ scoring rotation).

    But also notice that Ron Artest is part of one of Houston’s higher scoring 5 team combinations, and is close the Lakers top scoring rotation. This is a good sign.

    However, this reminded me that with Ariza we had a very fast team (Ariza is actually one of the fastest in the NBA), and of course it is a loss if we don’t have him. But Artest provides a different type of player for the 5 man rotation. I predict that he will help the Lakers be in this group of high scoring 5 man rotations, but what does this say about LO? (considering that some in this blog mentioned the usefulness of LO in a rotation, and the +/-).

    In particular, it was mentioned that LO had one of the top +/- stats in the league (actually, behind LeBron and CP3). What does this mean, actually? It means that when he is on the floor, there is more scoring and more defense. That’s a good statistic, but honestly compare LeBron and CP3 with Lamar. LeBron == Cavaliers, CP3 == Hornets. LeBron is the best at his position (SF), CP3 the best at his (PG). LO is not the best at his position, but according to the +/- statistic, happens to be on the ‘best scoring’ portions of our team. This could be because he was ‘both’ on Kobe’s starting team, AND on the bench team. Kobe was generally NOT on the bench team, but did make appearances. Remember that he usually came in 4 minutes into the 4th quarter after a 3rd quarter break.

    Of course I’m hoping LO returns, but if we’re going to use statistics to validate his worth to the team, then all things need to be considered.

    Discussions on this are welcome.

  • Jim

    I think we have to have him back, his versatility is too important to us. He could step in if Artest, Pau or Bynum got injured for any period of time and we wouldn’t lose a whole lot. He’s a matchup nightmare for most teams because he’s quicker than most players his size and he can post up anyone smaller than him. But most of all, we would miss his rebounding, he was excellent on the boards when Bynum went down last year.
    BTW, if you guys haven’t noticed, Dallas is stacking their team with talent, there gonna have some depth on that bench this year. WE NEED TO SIGN LO.

  • Cooooop

    Time to just let Odom go. Jerry Buss already made his stance. He is not going to overpay an inconsistent player who is now the 4th or 5th option. Yes he is versatile, i mean we hear that all the time, but he is very inconsistent and that is why he was moved down to the 4th option and a bench player. Youre not gonna pay an inconsistent guy 10 mil a year and guarantee him 4-5 years. Also you never mess with Buss. Lamar disrespected Buss by not even returning any of his calls. If lamar answered back in a reasonable time with a Ill think about it answer then I believe Buss wouldnt be so upset and never pull that offer. The Lakers are fine without him. They might even make a move come February time using guys like farmar and even Morrisons contract to land a back up big man. Life does go on in Laker land if LO leaves and the lakers are still the favorites. LO helps but he isnt the key that makes the lakers run. Pau was the key now adding Artest just makes the team even more dangerous. Players come and go, but the lakers stay.

  • Richard C Geer

    Anyone who thinks we will win next year w/o LO is just plain stupid, he is a critical part of our success !

    He is worth the wait, it is the Buss family that is going to cost us a potential 3-4 year dominance if they don’t pony up, if he wanted to go to Miami he would have already been gone

  • BigStic210

    I’m so tired of LO…Come on Mitch go get us Josh Smith

  • ShowtimeEra

    It’s plain and simple, Lamar wants to be a Laker! He’s held up Miami for a week now and could have signed with them by now. He’s crying out to Buss for a better deal so he could sign on the dotted line and stay here in L.A. If LO would have pulled this stupid stunt weeks ago, we could have offered Trevor Ariza a better contract offer and let Odom walk! And at the end of the day we would have Ariza and could have signed someone like Drew Gooden from free agency and have him and Ariza come off the bench and we would be fine!

  • 151RUMMER

    Man i still cant believe this non-sense. Odom is just waiting to see if Lakers will offer him more $, and when he sayd that they wont, hell be off to Miami. I cant wait till tix go on sale for next season cuz im gonna boo the hell out of him when he shows up w/ the heat!

  • I hate Jerry Buss

    I don’t understand Jerry Buss here. Odom wasn’t happy with 3 years $27 million. So instead he lowers his offer and expects Odom to gladly accept? It is obvious Odom does not want to leave, but Jerry Buss is pushing him out of the door.

  • gugy

    Dr. Buss offered Odom good money. The problem is Odom is too greedy.
    Remember, the Lakers have a threshold when it comes to how much they can pay. Right now they will have to pay too much in luxury taxes, so the deal Odom is getting is the best out there. Miami cannot match the money Odom can make with he Lakers. They only can offer more years on his contract.

    Don’t blame Dr. Buss. His offer is a good one. I am sure if Odom ask for the original offer, Dr. Buss will give it back to him. Right now it’s up to Odom to make his fu-cking mind.

  • 151RUMMER


  • pistol pete

    Rome just blasted them both and said laks and odom both need each other so get the f en deal done.


    This will be all over today……..Lamar resigns!!

  • lalakesir

    trade odom for beasley and sign hakim warrik

  • Lamar_Biatch

    Well, gone is the time professional players in any sport played because their love for a certain team. It’s all about the money unfortunately. The worst is see these guys making millions to play stupid ball while our teachers make a starvation salary. Sign of the times. :-(

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #81955 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If you hate Jerry Buss, then you are NOT a Lakers fan!!

    Did you know that since Jerry Buss bought the team in 1979, the Lakers have won 9 championships since that time. NINE!! No other team in the NBA has won more since Jerry Buss has owned the Lakers.

    You hate Jerry Buss??? Then never wear your Laker jersey again!

  • 151RUMMER


  • I hate Jerry Buss

    [Comment ID #81964 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It’s sad when simple minded people like you try to make a legitimate point. Sometimes when people experience success like Jerry Buss has, they get a little ahead of themselves. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Buss is too full of himself to reach out to Lamar. Just because Buss has won 9 titles doesn’t mean everything he does is right.

  • ShowtimeEra

    LakersFirst! well said! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • lalakesir

    [Comment ID #81962 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If we do this we can get even younger and if one of these players aren’t playing well we will have opions on he bench. Beasley will take odom’s spot warrick can play pf and sf and and josh powell proved last year he can come off the bench and score points.

  • lalakesir

    [Comment ID #81968 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Tell me what you think about this

  • kb248

    I totally agree Lakerfirst, it’s not about the name on the back of the jersey.. it’s what’s on the front that matters.

  • Fakers Forever

    Forbes put up a poll about the most hated people in sports. Here’s a look at the list:

    1. Michael Vick
    2. Manny Ramirez
    3. Alex Rodriguez
    4. Terrell Owens
    6. Allen Iverson
    7. Isiah Thomas
    8. Stephon Marbury
    9. Nick Saban
    10. John McEnroe

    wow….only at 5 for kobe? He did not make number one this time, I guess…

  • 151RUMMER


  • ShowtimeEra

    Where’s Stephen A Smith? If he had to comment on Lamar’s actions and whats taking place right now, I can teel yah it wouldn’t be pretty!

  • Lamar_Biatch

    [Comment ID #81971 Will Be Quoted Here]

    who gives a sh•t?
    As long as the Black Mamba keep delivering his incredible performances, fu-ck all the haters all there. They will just keep hating no matter what. Jealously can kill you.

  • LakerFanThinkinReal

    Get ODUMB singed and out ASAP! Let’s enjoy the rest of the summer and what happened last season!!! next will be even better without him!!

    Artest is hungry!!! He’ll bring BIG D and the 3….POINTERS!!!

    All we need is to get someone else off the bench; whether it is Haslem or someone else.

    Dr. Buss is going to bring someone in that will contribute.

    KUP get it done! sign and trade!!!!!!!!ASAP!! End all of the speculation!!!!!

  • lalball81

    Yeah, cause we can certainly compete with the Spurs, Blazers, Mavs and Nuggets without stupid LO! Who needs him????? We lost Ariza too, but who needs him!!! We’re a better team than ever!!!!!!!!! repeat threepeat fourpeat to infinity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sasha farmar mbenga and morrison will kill everybody son!!!! oh and luke walton! that second unit equals unstoppability for sure son!

  • Robert

    Forbes put up a poll about the most hated people in sports. Here’s a look at the list:

    1. Michael Vick
    2. Manny Ramirez
    3. Alex Rodriguez
    4. Terrell Owens

    Actually, these are 5 of my favorite players! They’re also 5 of the ‘best’ players, so one has to consider that this is a list devised by ‘player haters’ – you know what those are – people who are untalented and lifeless, and are essentially jealous of those who are naturally gifted (like all these ballplayers listed above).

    So, this should actually be the list of top ‘highly talented’ players.

    Congratulations, ALL!

  • Robert

    Actually, this list (posted by Fakers Forever) is racially motivated. So whoever compiled this list is demonstrating that, if it is true (based on what sample?), then the people sampled are essentially jealous of people of certain ethnicity (recall that polls can be designed in ‘any way’, by any type of group of people with any type of agenda).

    Thanks a lot, Fakers Forever, for perpetuating racism on this web site.

    TLN – you should ban “Fakers Forever” from this website “Forever”. Sure, “freedom of speech”, but this guy is going too far now.

  • Fakers Forever

    Jul 30th, 2009 at 11:40 am Click this link to quote this comment in your reply

    Fakers Forever on July 30, 2009 at 11:25 am said:

    Forbes put up a poll about the most hated people in sports. Here’s a look at the list:

    1. Michael Vick
    2. Manny Ramirez
    3. Alex Rodriguez
    4. Terrell Owens
    6. Allen Iverson
    7. Isiah Thomas
    8. Stephon Marbury
    9. Nick Saban
    10. John McEnroe

    wow….only at 5 for kobe? He did not make number one this time, I guess…

    who gives a sh•t?
    As long as the Black Mamba keep delivering his incredible performances, fu-ck all the haters all there. They will just keep hating no matter what. Jealously can kill you.

    Who gives a sh*t?
    Everybody does but you, moron!!!!
    A little snake won’t deliver this year…..
    Cleveland will kill you…literally kill you, fakers.
    And don’t bring a jealousy card on here…no one, but you moron, gives a shi*t about fakers.

  • Fakers Forever

    Can any one see the list?
    They are all people with big problems.
    Don’t try to cover things that they have done.
    They have done pretty stupid things in the past and now.
    You gotta admit what you gotta admit, men!!!
    Kobe faker will never have his image that he wants…
    he will just try and pretend….


    [Comment ID #81961 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I had inside info on this boys…….proof right here