Another example of an agent trying to bully Buss. That never ends up in the agent’s favor.

CBS: If he isn’t careful, Lamar Odom is about to find out the same thing that Gary Payton, Shaquille O’Neal and Trevor Ariza found out the hard way.

You can’t “leverage” Jerry Buss.

Odom an his agent, Jeff Schwartz, are looking around at the marketplace and figure that they are worth at least what Ben Gordon (five years, $55 million) and Hedo Turkoglu (five years, $53 million) are worth. They want at least five years, $50 million for Lamar. While that makes sense to most people, Jerry Buss isn’t most people. And Buss is the only person who matters now.

Buss wants to keep Odom, and made him several offers to try and do so. According to Brad Turner of the LA Times, Buss most recently offered a deal for $9 million a season for four years at $36 million, or $10 million a season over three years for a total of $30 million.

But Odom and Schwartz didn’t even respond–and now Buss has pulled all offers.

If you think Buss won’t walk away, you’re wrong. Remember, this is a guy who traded Shaq after making the Finals four out of five years and winning three times. Above all else, he’s a gambler who knows numbers. He’s reached his limit and is ready to walk away.

To a lot of Lakers’ fans, that is infuriating. They think the team needs Odom to continue to win championships, and that Buss should simply meet his demands. But I’ve been around the team for years, and I can’t state this strongly enough: when Buss makes up his mind, he almost never goes back (the re-hiring of Phil Jackson is the only time I can think of). As much as I like Lamar–and he’s a great player and an even better guy–he has to realize that now is the time for him to take one of those deals.

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  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    Stupid a$$ agent

  • RoWyN

    See the funny thing is, as much as I think Jerry Buss was being under-estimated, LO is being underestimated as well. LO has been through a lot and I do think he’s sincere when he said this is more than the money (he wants years guarantee more than $$.) Lakers probably dont want to put his back against the wall for a decision. It might not be the smartest move to give Buss the “I could care less” attitude but Lamar in my opinion is capable of doing that.

    As much as I think LO should just sign since Lakers are doing their part, part of me also says Lakers is trying to rush things a bit because they fearing of sumthing (if this drags on longer.) Maybe a legit suitor for lamar or a timeframe for a certain prospect. I’m not sure what but sumthing.

  • LakersFirst

    John Ireland, the person who wrote this article is absolutely correct. ODOM SHOULD NOT CROSS JERRY BUSS. At the end of the day …. JERRY BUSS IS THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS…

    Jerry Buss made more than a fair offer to LO (who here disagrees with that). I’m not sure why LO thinks he can get more money elsewhere, when the fact of the matter is, teams that had cap space to spare (with the exception of Portland and OKlahoma) have already used their extra cap space …on other players not named Odom.

    LO, wake up and smell the coffee, Jerry Buss is the man that can pay you and deliver you rings.

  • Dennis Flores

    Fire your agent, represent yourself, and take the offer form Dr. Buss – just like Agent Zero and A-Rod. Show them who’s the BOSS here!

  • Oscalex

    The Lakers go thru this every year. Last year Ronny Turiaf was released to the Warriors, and was a great asset to the team. Now Lamar atleast has a chance to re-sign, and let’s a greedy agent to take over his decisions? Come on LO, you’re a man, and handle your own. If he does not fulfill your expectations, then cut him loose. You want to come to the Lakers no matter how little or how much money you get, and want another ring? then step up to the plate and handle your business. For a blue collard guy like me, 9 million is retirement for me… LOL lot’s of dough to me. :-) As a Laker Fan that I am, I wanted to see the whole group back. Ariza chose money over love for the game, and that’s dissapointing. And he was one that also said he wanted to stay. Now the question remains… Are in it for the money? or in it for the love for the game?

  • TonyFisch

    Do not forget that Dr Buss extended Shaq, after the famous pay me comment even though many know Buss was furious. He did give Shaq his sendoff though at a later date. Something that we can note for Lamar and his agent if Buss extends an offer to him again.

  • Oscalex

    “Are you in it for the $Money$? Or in it for the love for the game?

  • ODOM

    [Comment ID #79745 Will Be Quoted Here]

    For the money dumbazz!!! You know how much weed i can buy with the money left on the table. I’m going to roll a fatty right now. Peace niggas.

  • jazz

    If he wants to go, let him go.There’s always others thats willing to take that much amount of money.

    David Lee
    Carlos Booozer
    Joe Smith
    MArvin Williams
    . . . . .or S & T.

  • sandman

    sign david lee!
    if odom doesnt come to his senses of course
    young, consistent, great rebounder. led the league in double-doubles
    only thing is idk if he’ll be as good a fit as odom

  • Michael_23

    If I’m a role player or below that I wouldn’t hire an agent so I get 100% of it. Yeah I agree, negotiations is business. But LO, go with ur heart and gut feeling man.

    Now I’m hearing news that if LO wants to get back with the Lakers Buss will over him less money? That’s strange too. But I believe the guy is 8 mil a year. Nothing more. Artest is about 8 mil too, but he took one for the team and went mid-level.

    I just hope if they Lakers do get LO back, LO wont turn off the switch. Like Sasha and Luke did their first time they got resigned.

  • Lex

    dumbass let shaq go and we didnt even make the playoffs the next year… why doesnt buss learn his lesson?

  • Fack You

    both sides are being bone heads atm.

  • Geloman

    [Comment ID #79872 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Don’t compare Shaq to Odom. Shaq is a multiple allstar and Odom is, wait, he’s never been an allstar. Odom wants the kind of money that Gordon, Turkgolu are making. Sorry, but these guys have put up consistent numbers for the last couple of years and Odom has done what, shown inconsistency and only flashes of brilliance. Yes, he was invaluable to us in the Finals and part of the playoffs, but just because he had a great couple of games in the Finals doesn’t mean he deserves the kind of contract he wants. If he can show that type of drive and passion and perform that way all season, then we can talk.