Update: Odom will attempt to play tonight

Lakers will need the help of Odom if for a Lakers win tonight. Who should replace Odom and start tonight? Powell? Sound-off, Lakers Nation!

odomUpdate #2L.A. Times: Lakers forward Lamar Odom went through the team’s shoot-around this morning and will try to play tonight despite a bruised lower back suffered in Game 5 against the Houston Rockets at Staples Center.

“He’s hurt; he looks stiff,” Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said. “They’re going to pad him up; they’re going to do all kinds of stuff to him,” referring to the team’s training staff.

Odom has been receiving electro-stimulation treatments since getting hurt.

Update #2ESPN: Lakers starting forward Lamar Odom has a bruised back and has been listed as doubtful by his team for Tuesday’s Game 5 against the Houston Rockets.

Odom, who fell awkwardly while attempting to drive during the third quarter of Sunday’s surprise 99-87 loss to the Rockets in Houston, had a CT scan and MRI on Monday morning.

The scan showed he had a lower back contusion, and a final decision on his ability to play will be made before Tuesday morning’s shootaround, the Lakers said on their Web site.

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  • dipset

    if odom can’t play tonight then this should be the starting lineup:

    PG: Farmar
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Trevor
    PF: Gasol
    C: Bynum

    I’m tired of Phil acting like nothing is wrong. Bynum needs to get on Hayes from the beginning and let him play more than like five minutes. A few good plays and his confidence will be back up. Gasol can match up against Scola but he’s too soft against Hayes. Farmar needs to start, because Fisher sure as hell cannot guard Brooks. Phil please make it happen

  • ab4sure

    Powell I heard will be starting for the lakers.

  • Laker8Nate24

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    ur absolutely right, fisher is gettn old, and this series is proving it…farmar all the way for the start over fish…and i swear to god powell doesnt belong in the nba, that scrub better not play…he shoots every time he touches it…bynum needs 2 quit being a mental puzzy

  • Diehardfan

    my vote goes to J. powell and see if they can contain the Rockets with him in the line up. I would put Gasol on scola because he is more familiar with his game. Towards the end of the game I would put Bynum because of his tendency to get into foul trouble.

  • LA4eva

    No way the way he’s playing would I start Bynum. Put Powell in.

    Powell next to Pau.

  • Kobe8

    we won against Houston when he didn’t play so, no need to worry.

  • Dragon

    That sucks and Bynum is always in foul trouble yeah put Powell in at least he has a jump shot not reliable but better than nothing. They should also put in Mbenga he’s pretty good with defense.

  • Mitch4Pres

    it just said on espn that odom really wants to play tonight and is telling everyone in practice that he is going to. it said he has some fluid near the bruise in his back but thats it, but there’s been no official word from phil about it. it also said he wanted them to list him as questionable not doubtful

  • Beef

    Brown>>>>Farmar,Shan should start over Ear Jordan IMO!!!

  • cheetah

    even without odom, we got this game. jackson just needs to give bynum his minutes so he can get that confidence back. saw a tight article breaking down the lakers at
    www. thedailysportsherald . com .

  • Bynum from the playboy mansion

    We should start Artest. Wait a second Mitch didn’t make that trade for inconsistent Lamo. Man that trade would have made us champions this year, oh well at least the dodgers are doing good this year.

  • berks24

    it should be bynum or mbenga free gasol in power forward and let him school scola.dont give any open 3′s let them earn it hard on the paint.let them feel that their just a little boy trying a buy a game.kobe man up your defense pls.no help defense and dont let shane free on the top.attack the basket!

  • lafanfromindiana

    Phil needs to give minutes to Mbenga tonight He brings alot of energy on defense….something we desperately need.

  • Angelo Vergara


  • WifelovesLuke

    Everyone just needs to take a deep breath in here. The key to tonights game is to play with urgency and high energy like Houston did in game 4. You’re back at home, so take care of the ball and make your shots. Oh, and for heavens sake will someone keep Brooks out of the lane!

  • JetLiner

    Someone tell Bynum these are the playoffs! Stop giving excuses and be a man…SHOW UP TO PLAY!!!

  • gugy


    these guys need to bring up the intensity.
    Come on, Lakers is so much taller than Houston, is not even funny. We must dominate the boards and do not allow any lay-ups. Without Yao there is absolutely no excuse.

  • Anthony

    Simply play your game Lakers and you’ll take game 5 by about ten. It’d be nice to see less blabbing from Kobe (which is something I enjoy), and more hard work all around. I want to see serious Laker team. The Laker team that was on a mission at the beginning of the season.

    Begin your mission now and forget everything that has happened yesterday, for all you can do is go forward. Do so, and do it to the best of your ability.

  • dj breakdown

    I hope the lakers use Lamar’s situation as a reason and not an excuse to wipe the floor with the rockets tonight. You never know with this team…and thats why I love em! GO LAKERS!


    powell should start then DJ should come off the bench and bynum should stay there
    atleast all easy buckets will be defended well by DJs shot blocking ability

    and both bynum and DJ get in foul trouble but at least DJ would play good D unlike bynum lately

  • Skeetz

    Start Andrew Bynum…. without any bigs on the floor this is exactly what Andrew needs to gain his confidence. FEED THE DADDY is what we all said for Shaq, and now we need Andrew to step into his role. the playoffs are almost half way over, and its time to increase his minutes. (I also agree on the Farmar/Fisher arguement…at least Farmar should be getting more minutes if not a starting role)

  • lainok

    just give bynum his start. his confidence is already hurt enough, if you start powell over him, he may never get it back. if he gets in foul trouble early on and is inefective, you can always bring powell in. But at least give bynum a chance to try to salvage his playoff career. Plus if I spent $54 million on a car I would drive it, even if it was a lemon.

  • http://lakersground.net lakers4life


  • kwame4mvp

    UPDATE! He said he will play? what good is a 50% Odom? We get barely any production out of him when he is at 100%.

  • jCL smooth

    as inconsistent as lamar is i dont see why it causes this much hate? really. powell? id rather start odom at 50% that powell at 200. the guy is all heart. hes the best “3rd or even 4th option” any team could ask for. we’ll be fine.

  • http://lakers.com Sun_Yue

    PG: S. Brown
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Trevor
    PF: Gasol
    C: DJ Bhenga

    Lakers 102
    Rockets 89 Final

  • Stephen

    Just play L

  • Stephen

    we just need to play with pride and freakin consistency and we’ll be fine. LETS GO LAKERS!!!!!

  • sil


  • lilkobe24


  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious

    if the mamba doesn`t play any defense again tonight, it won`t matter what the bigs do…..he`s making battier look all world!

  • FireUpTheBenchMob

    Give Jordan a bulk of minutes, por favor! As with the same reason as putting Andrew in, this will help in establishing consistency. If he’s given more minutes (e.g. Game 3), he’ll deliver. And on defense, Jordan is too essential to be given less minutes.
    Emphasize Shannon on the offense. He can make shots, and he’s a go-to guy. And if Jordan and Shannon continue to try getting in the paint and driving for the basket, we’ll be fine.
    Jordan actually has an efficient basketball IQ; he’ll find people, hopefully they deliver.
    If this becomes the game plan, I predict there’s a possibility of a double-double for Jordan. If I’m not mistaken, he almost had one in Game 3, having 12 points and 7 assists.
    I actually think our smallest players are the most beneficial to the team so far in this series.
    Andrew and Pau have to be TOUGH without fouling.

    Oh, and for the Lakers generally… Yeah, target practice. MAKE SHOTS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

  • lakers1fan

    I got one solution for Lamar Odom…..TRADE HIME…..

  • KoBeBaBy!!!

    starting line up:
    pf.odom ( if ready)
    c. gasol

    you keep fish in, being back home with his experience fish will come around. in the first 5 min if brooks is running at will, you bring in farmar. i love the play of brown of late, he wants to play, he wants the ball i like that.if odom can play you get him in early so his back doesnt tighting up after the warmups, if he looks good go with it. the ball needs to get to gasol more, and rebounds! there starting center is 6’6… gasol…lets go, bynum needs to play smart and stop acting like a spoiled rancho santa margarita suburban kid thats not getting what he wants! bynum your better then that. kobes gonna get his, trust me WE know, but everybody else better bring the pain!


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  • doodlebobin

    May 12th, 2009 at 7:46 pm
    I got one solution for Lamar Odom…..TRADE HIME…..

    I got another solution trade ur mother for a pack of cigs