L.A. Times: Phil Jackson has picked out a leader for the Lakers’ reserves: Lamar Odom.

They’ve been an erratic bunch lately, but Jackson hopes he has found a Secretary of the Second Unit.

“I’ve asked Lamar to take a bigger leadership role,” the Lakers coach said Sunday. “I kind of called him out on it, pointed out to him in the second half of the game the other night about his leadership on the floor [Friday against Washington].

“I know he’s got some wild guys out there with him at times and it’s hard. . . . It’s tough for me, let alone Lamar.”

Odom was not happy about being removed by Jackson for unfocused play in the second half of the Lakers’ 106-104 victory over Washington, a snit that seemed all but forgotten by the time Sunday’s game against Milwaukee rolled around.

Both Jackson and Odom turned their attention to rehabbing the second unit, the primary culprit in coughing up so many large leads in recent games.

“We’ve had guys that come in and at times are looking to either pad their scoring average or try to play the up-tempo game when it’s not the right time,” Jackson said. “On the road, they’ve got to learn how to slow it down and exercise the options the offense gives . . . instead of just doing it off their speed and quickness and dribbling acumen.”

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  • sketch

    is that right? is jim murdoch sure about that? is odom asked to “lead” second unit? or is odom asked to “leave” the team? LOL!

    why would that fool need to be asked to “lead” the second unit? shouldn’t that just be automatic? i can’t believe that the coaching staff would actually need to spell that out. if he defers anymore, he’d be in the D-league!!!

    he can’t really play with kobe so they put vlady in the starting line up. should vlady be in there? hell no! but because LO keeps deferring to kobe to the point where he’s so ineffective out there, the coaching staff had no choice but to bring him off of the bench.

    but now that we’ve seen his play off of the bench since the beginning of the season, doesn’t LO look like that he’s deferring to Ariza as well? Ariza seems like that he’s the real 6th out there. he looks like that he’s the one that understands his importance to the second unit. he can score, slash, board, block, and steal the rock.

    on second thought maybe PH needs to look to Ariza to be the leader and not LO! LOL!!!


    i think vlad should be in the second unit and ariza should be a starter, the lakers lack veterans coming off the bench, alonzo should get signed, he will be ready to play in december and he is just what we need, a veteran

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #56355 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i would love to sign Zo! i think that he’s definitely the toughness that the lakers would need. he’s the original KG!!! KG’s intensity is a copy of Zo’s!!! remember when Zo used to jump up and down and holler around and flex and kick his legs out as he’s doin all of that? yeah…Zo!!!

    i wished that mitch had exercised the option on Zo the year that Miami picked him back up when he wouldn’t report to Toronto. that would have put us in a better position against phoenix, which might have actually put us in the finals against Cleveland that year. and it would have meant that Miami and shaq would not have won a championship. shaq should be kissing Zo’s ass for getting him that ring to put him one over on kobe, because without Zo, Miami was not going to win against Dallas that year!

    now, the thing with Ariza in the starting line up. i think that Ariza is definitely talented enough and contributes enough to start for us, but he’s the spark plug that we need alongside farmar on the second unit. i don’t trust LO enough to do that on a consistent basis. when Ariza’s in, we can trust him to board, defend, steal, and block. oh, by the way…how many put backs did that guy have for us already this year? LOL!!


    read the part of whos hot and whos not… Odom clearly isn’t

  • ignard

    is it just me or am I alone in thinking this is a good problem? At least they’re not the having to come BACK from big leads……..they’ll fix this, it’s still very early. Do your thing Lamar.

  • James K.

    Odom’s killing me in fantasy. He needs to give me a triple double tonight.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #56408 Will Be Quoted Here]

    it is just you! this is not a good thing. now we know we have a good team, possibly “great”. the lakers now are no longer the under dogs to anyone, so the expectations are clearly different! they’re expected to win and win big, they are now the perennial favorites and they should act and play accordingly.

    i know what your saying ignard; they are at least winning instead of loosing the games. but let me put it to you this way…if they don’t win the championship at the end of the season, are you going to be happy? i think not. and for them to blow big leads, it will be a big problem if they can’t fix this consistency. they need to be able to get into the other team’s psyche and basically saying to them, no matter what you do, we’re gonna kick your ass and there’s no way your coming back on us. we need to make sure that the same thing that happened in game 4 of the finals last year against boston doesn’t happen again! when we get a big lead on those fools, we need to make sure we keep it. and if we can’t do that against a scrub team like the indianas and wizards, how can we expect to do that against boston?

    so to sum it up, yeah…it is a big problem!!

  • lakers2000

    I believe Lamar will be traded. I think the Lakers will find all our weaknesses and make subtle changes before the trade deadline. Keep an eye on the teams that are severely struggling because this years trade deadline will surely be interesting. I see things getting extremely interesting after the all star break. How about Mihm and Benga for Shaq?? Just kidding! Go Lakers!!!!

  • Smush Walton

    Lamar has shown time and time again that he can not be counted on. If he is expected to “lead” – forget it! He will whither away under the pressure. This guy is a mental midget. After ten years he’s still making the same dumb mistakes. Very frustrating.

  • LakersLive FromDC

    We need K-Mart…instant toughness,probably won’t..!@#$IN’ Nuggets don’t know what to do with’em.

  • lakerdude

    can someone tell my why LO is getting paid so much??
    He has consistantly been an underachiever, cannot make a FT, has no mid range game, a career 30% give or take on the 3 pt range, other than being a solid ball handler, what does he contribute? Oh, I forgot, he cannot play D and is a liability overall b/c dude is soft as tissue paper mentally as well…

    Now, the Lakers came out again with no energy, they let the other team dictate tempo etc, why do we NOT go inside to Bynum, or Pau like we did initially to start the season?
    No, we start brickin from the outside, commit stupid TO’s and before we know it, we are in a hole that we have to that much harder to get out of…If this continues, I dont see us doin much in the playoffs…
    Hope we sure up our D ASAP!

  • LakersLive FromDC

    ..and to further your comment,NO KEVIN MARTIN and still loss.

    Lakers need help…quickly.