Here is a small update. Seems to appear that Odom and Portland have some “lukewarm” interest in eachother.

CBS Sports: Despite reports that the Trail Blazers were preparing to make a major bid for Knicks restricted free agent David Lee, a coaching source familiar with the situation said Portland is more interested in the Lakers’ Lamar Odom. And the source described the Odom situation with Portland as “lukewarm.”

  • Justin

    i read that this is odoms camp trying to get more out of the lakers

  • Margo


  • lakerferlife7

    nobody has heard anything from odom or his agent…idk but i think odom is just taking his time….i doubt hes gnna go to portland…he loves la.

  • JackFraust305

    The headline is misleading. You are turning into ESPN just so you can get page hits…..

  • Lakers 24 7

    Odom ain’t interested in Portland. Portland is interested in Odom. He’s staying in LA.

  • http://twitter MESSwilliams51

    This Odom Talk…Him Interested in Portland…I don’t think he will leave Los Angeles…he loves it out there..LA iz not letting him go…don’t worry

  • Andrew

    shannon brown resigned so i made this mix, my first mix ever

  • daboss1849

    Let Portland have the inconsistent Lamo ODUMB. He’s a dime a dozen

  • Lakersfannotkobefan

    Let portland have intrest in ur mothers, maybe they can pic her up to help the team, o yea she comes a dime a dozen lmao

  • zircorn

    Seeking Economic Justice for Lamar Odom!

    For far too long, people with power and money trivialize the work and honour of the people who have served them faithfully.

    One such abuse is unfolding presently in the way the Lakers are treating Lamar Odom.

    Here is a faithful warrior. He came in at the darkest hour of the Lakers.
    He faithfully did all that was asked of him.

    He sacrificed his game so Kobe can continue hurling 30 shots a game a to generate at best 30 points.

    Through it all LO did not complain.

    He was the faithful warrior to adjusted his game to cater to the needs of the team.

    And when the good times came, the unfaithful SOBs in the Lakers organization are trying once again to disrespect the Man called LO.

    And for what? So that they can give KB an extension for what $ 27million a year?

    This is what is wrong with our world.

    There is no economic justice!

    Kobe keeps his loud mouth shut because it is not him.

    Well to be a leader, you have to be concern about the welfare of your team.

    The distance between the Lakers and LO is not great. Lakers are offering $ 8 million. LO wants $ 10 million.

    KB should start behaving like a leader!
    KB can kick in $ 1million to make the offer $ 9 million.
    LO should also come down to $ 9 million and we can slove this impasse and stop the attendant ill-will it generates.

    What is at stake here is beyond luxury taxes and budgets.
    What is at stake here is the spirit of what the Lakers organization is about.

    You have to share the wealth with those who faithfully contributed to its creation.

    Dr. Buss, we are watching you.

    Show us that you believe in economic justice; not each one for himself and God for us all.

    LO deserves $ 9 million per year for 4 years.
    Give it to him and let us commit to transforming the Lakers organization into one without peers in the way we treat our warriors.

    For in a world of such economic injustice, Dr. Buss can say we stand for a higher principle as an organization.

    We will be there with you if you are with us and you sacrifice for the benefit of the team; instead of promoting parochial self interest for a ME generation!

    Give LO what he has earned!

  • mr.downer

    odom aint going nowere dat fool no’s l.a. loves him n he loves los angeles da best, city with no pitty

  • mastarockafella

    I doubt this report. I’m sure LO is just taking his time.

  • Anon

    Lol isn’t Odom on bad terms with a lot of the Portland players? I always remember in almost every Laker-Blazer game Odom taunting someone from Portland.


    “I hope so,” Kobe Bryant said of Odom returning. “He better be.”

    Yo! Enough said! This deal will get done!

  • bernzter

    I think this is a lot of bs…
    LO came to play here in LA and everytime he was asked during, before and even during the parade that he wants to stay a LAKER. Haters get some nuts in ya! Did you even see what he did in the Post Season? He helped (I will reapeat this), He Helped, the best team get the double u!!!
    Quit your whinin telling him that he aint for this team… You bandwagon bend over riff raffs…
    You want to win them rings? LO is needed in the formula. Heck even the Capt’n said that he better be back to keep the teams chemistry solid…
    Now we got Thrila- The Ron with us we got some good defense happening so get with the program. Instead of hurling accusing sorry a$$ words to LO give him credit and JBuss… Get him back in the lineup…

    Nuff Said.

  • Logicguy


    Sports fans in Portland are saying they are trying to play low key publicly on this but are working hard behind the scenes to pull a fast STEAL without the Lakers having a chance to respond. A quiet pre emptive bid with pressure to take it now or we will go to David Lee. The fact that we do not hear anything down here in LA scares me. He may already be up there. Lakers will not repeat without LO and will not get out of the West if he is in Portland. LAKERS MUST ACT QUICK AND DECISIVE to keep this from happening. Get rid of one of the following; Morrison 5MIL, Walton 6MIL, Sasha 5MIL and carry only 14 players. If LO is gone, the whole organization is at fault. It has to be done quick. You will not have a chance to match!!!!!!!

  • Wilt

    This Odom Portland talk has got to be the stupidest thing since the Sham-Wow.



  • daboss1849

    [Comment ID #78897 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Please don’t ever compare the inconsistent Odumb To the fearless black mamba. There is only one reason and one reason only Buss will give kobe his extenion and that is kobe fills the stands. He deserves the 27 mil a year because he is what the people want. The overrated LO has no passion and when he goes to another team without a couple of people that demand double and triple teams his weaknesses once again will surface. I say let him walk. Go back to Ariza and give him the 5 mil Houston is signing him for and start counting the championship rings…

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    Wow.. Daboss.. You just got smacked with the “Big” Johnson upside your pretty little mouth.. I agree that KB and LO are not in the same league but Lamar is one of our X factors. No one can match up to him. His is a center’s size and has point guard mobility.

    You smokin’?

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    the weed is better up there..

  • LA4Life

    Portland has a salary cap of $7.7 Million…I don’t think LO wants that over $8-9 Million….

  • What Will Be

    Be real, Odom to Portland for $10 million, right…

  • Steve

    He won a championship here in LA – there’s nothing left for him to accomplish here. I’d love to see how Odom would fit into the Blazer’s line up.