Update #4: From Lakers Basketblog

Lakers forward Lamar Odom was examined today by team physician Dr. Steve Lombardo and MRI results show that Odom has a bone bruise in his right knee. Odom will not play in tonight’s game in Oakland against the Golden State Warriors, and his status beyond that is listed as day-to-day.

Update #3: Lamar had this to say about the injury this morning…

“I hyperextended it bad,” Odom said as he walked with a noticeable limp. “There’s some swelling. I’ll get an MRI (today) and we’ll see.”

Update #2: He tried to work out some of the “soreness” in the knee but felt he didn’t have much stability to do such.

He did not return to the game against the Hornets and will indeed undergo a MRI tomorrow for further results.

Hang in there Lamar, we’re pulling for you!

Update #1: Lamar Odom looked like he hyper extended his knee while chasing down Paul flying down the lane. It looked like he planted in an ackward way and he hobbled into the locker room. While there is no official report yet, we’ll update you as soon as we know.

Hopefully it won’t be anything to serious.

  • AndrewT

    Chris Paul is such a dirty player. He basically ran into Lamar’s knee while Lamar was running, causing the knee to be hyper-extended. He runs into players hard all the time, but the refs give him love because he’s obviously a very talented player. Here’s some more evidence.


  • joe grande

    all that matters is that he is ready when the playoffs come

  • lakerschamps09

    yea but still it aint good…

  • vibe

    great vlade is misses dunks.

  • Freshh

    He’ll be back next game

  • http://ld2k.com Chris Manning

    Not good at all. Hopefully he will be alright. We’ll have to wait for the MRI results. Hopefully on won’t be anything serious (ie: Bynum, Farmar).

    Hang in there Lamar… :(

  • Johnny B

    Epic game so far. What a show Kobe and CP3 are putting on right now.

  • joe grande

    if LO can’t play bring cj giles from the d-league, man i would love to see that athletic and young d-fender

  • http://ld2k.com Chris Manning

    Remember, Kobe sustained a similar injury in the pre-season and it was very mild. Hopefully it is the same type of injury. It’s all speculation until we get those MRI results.

  • http://www.otrbasketball.com/forums/ Nissan

    I hope it’s nothing serious and he came come back ASAP. Powell, Vlad, and Ariza need to pick it up with Odom out.

  • rissa missa

    let’s just hope and pray that he’s ok. maybe he’s just experiencing too much pain and they’re just being cautious. let’s all pray for the best.

  • Dylan Pedgulan

    This is a tough loss. It’s not the time to miss Odom’s presence and if the injury is serious, we could lose a lot of ground. Guys are going to have to step up(Bynum especially), but this isn’t good.

  • gugy

    Sucks, get well soon Lamar

  • Mitch4Pres

    guys pray for him. big homie chris is right hopefully its just like the one kobe had in the preseason and he pretty much walked it off.

  • pancho

    Damn Lamar,Get well soon.

  • domz

    Get well soon Lamar.

  • http://www.lakersland.it Federico

    get well Lamar!!!!!

    we need to much L.A. Odom!!!!

    C’MON #7 come back and pumpo that fuckin’ ball!!!

  • Dave

    Get well Lamar, Luke and Jordan. If everyone is healthy, this team is unstoppable.

  • lafanfromindiana
  • http://ld2k.com Chris Manning

    Whew, I feel like we dodged a bullet. I am SO HAPPY he’ll be alright. Take care of business tonight, and we’ll see how Odom feels on Friday :)

  • gugy

    Good news.

    Luke, Farmar and Odom, come back very soon. We need you.

  • Salty

    At least it’s day-to-day and not week-to-week.