A lot of people ask if Lamar Odom will stay with the Lakers.  Here is what Lamar and Pau had to say.

L.A. Times: “I love it here. . . . It would take an offer that I couldn’t refuse for me to leave here, and I don’t think that’s happening,” Odom says. “I expect to be a Laker.”

“Yes, yes, he should be back on this team, we need him badly,” said Pau Gasol.

  • xfellerx

    play fo free.

  • Robert

    If (and when) the Lakers win, the logical thing is to keep the team intact, which includes keeping Odom. If this type of thing can’t be done, and we have to release expendables, then we release Adam Morrison, Josh Powell, Luke, Sasha, and Farmar – and – get Nate Robinson (we need a PG), and Ron Artest. Then – the Lakers will be a dynasty for 5 more years.

  • barcalakerfan4life

    if you star to lay eggs in the final just like you did last year against boston then bye bye candy man and i agree with robert if lakers can get a guy like artest then things would be much easier on this laker side since sasha cant make shots to save his own life.

  • sam the man

    In search of another championship he should stay. Should the Lakers lose this year, he being the x factor must go elsewhere to live out his nba career. Be smart Lamar & play hard now & win yourself a championship first, only then explore the possibility of your marketability.

  • spank1959

    I still say trade Bynum, Walton, Susha to clippers for there first round pick. Keep odom. He along with fisher off the bench Experince is what we need with the second unit….


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  • gugy

    It would be great to keep Odom, but the priority is resign Ariza and keep Brown.

    As for a way to get rid of some players, I think Mitch has to consider that Sasha, Luke, Farmar, Powell and Morrison are in the list of guys that can go.

    I know it’s very hard, but I would love to see Artest on our team. He would bring so much intensity and hustle to our team plus incredible DEFENSE.

  • http://myspace.com/badlatinmutha JohnJohn

    Kobe needs to take a pay cut to keep Ariza and Odom. If they make it happen look for LA to maybe win 2 more titles.

  • http://getgarnett.com golakers75

    1st keep ariza…………………….
    2nd kobe resign for less money, say 6yrs 108mil not 6yrs 137mil
    3rd sign LO for 2 years (mid-level exp)
    4 make a run at a pg for the 2yrs of mid level.. like bibby. andre miller, and maybe nate robinson

  • We are the Champions

    Bye Bye Odom we hate to see ya go!!!! Go smoke your weed in Utah…

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    Well, Odom says he would play for less, but how much less?
    He makes now almost $15 million. Would he play for $7 million?

    Ariza will ask for good money, Unfortunately Mitch overpaid Sasha and Luke. Now those two guys make too much money for too little play.

  • trademaster 2009

    odom has made a big difference this postseason

  • kevin 0

    okay odom then play your ass off this finals

  • Dwight Howard

    Sign with the Magics instead. We can pay you in candy. Think about it Lamar.

  • Laker8Nate24

    you guys r plain freakn dumb for sayn get artest over odom…didnt u see artest shoot 2/20 3pointers per game against us? stfu with all that, we NEED odom more than u think…ill take 11pts and 14reb per game any day, than a so called good defender n artest…artest cant guard sh!t, he hust like A.I, good at gdettn n the passn lanes…KEEP ODOM

  • http://myspace.com/taeyongpark Day

    Get Ricky Rubio.

    I don’t care how, just do it.

    Good day.


    One thing we know for sure, championship or not, this is going to be one surprising off-season. Every player is getting in tact with Kobe and LeBron, mostly the older players like Nash, Shaq, Kidd and Iverson. They are all looking to play for a championship since they know it’s the last chance they’ll get for a good run. Now you guys just gotta think about it, keep a dominant championship team together in the Lakers, or have a few future hall-of-famers come play with the Lakers? I know for sure that LeBron will bring someone to play with him just to guarantee a championship, just like what Shaq and Kobe did with Payton and Malone.

  • Robert

    Laker8Nate24, we can keep Odom and get Artest too. Not saying we should trade one for another. Having both would be a dynasty. Also, if we have Artest, we’d be able to stop Denver & Houston with less effort. We would have to give up non-essentials. Also, we should get another PG (Nate Robinson?), and then that’s it – we’ll be unstoppable for years to come (esp. if Fish retires).

  • Laker8Nate24

    i kinda agree with u Robert, but i dont see any chance of having both artest and odom, and if i had 2 choose, i choose odom hands down…and i agree we need another PG if fish is done, but if not, then i say save the money and start farmar and let fish play lindsay hunter type of minutes…and 4 the record, shannon brown shud get ALL of vujabricks minutes

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    Ariza is Priorty One.

    Odom would be nice, but at a lower price: $9 million with the $4.2 million saved going to Ariza, and only a two year deal. LO is unique, but inconsistent, and I truly worry that if he gets a ring this year, he’ll literally OD on Twizzlers and Sweet Tarts.

    Love Fish (hell, I admire him and consider him to be the classiest Laker ever), but it is time to move him onto the bench as a coach, if that is a route he is willing to go. He’s an all-time great Laker, but let’s move on before this turns ugly.