Interesting article about Odom’s state of mind with Bynum’s return. Odom has been playing phenominal since he has returned so I find this a bit overdone.

nastyO.C. Register: During the game (Lamar) Odom’s shoulders distinctly slumped when Sasha Vujacic didn’t give Odom the ball in a secondary-transition opportunity for Odom to swoop to the hoop. Instead, Vujacic reversed the ball back to Jordan Farmar, who made a simple and proper post-entry pass to Bynum, who had deep post position and scored.

Odom jacked up a corner 3-point shot and missed on the next Lakers’ possession.

In general, Odom lingered around the perimeter more than Phil Jackson ever wants and will have to figure out again how to make the most of fewer opportunities. Unlike the start of the season, though, Odom can easily see the light at the end now, and it glimmers with gold.

(Andrew) Bynum undoubtedly enhances the Lakers’ chances – did these 16 points in 21 minutes change your ridiculous opinion that the Lakers are better without Bynum, George Karl? – but there’ll be plenty of time to evaluate just how well Bynum is moving laterally, getting to the point of the ball for rebounds and staying down on pump fakes.

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  • daboss1848

    a typical Dung report . . .

  • megaloco10

    for sure bynum return is going to slow him down a bit but i dont think there will be an issue..

  • cinz

    really seems like he’s grabbing at straws.

  • 123kid

    i didnt even see L.O. struggle at all. but if it is, then things will only get easier. bynum will get better and better along the way. hez showing signs of gettin better and its only been two games. but as for L.O., just stick to the goal and be patient and in the end he’ll be spraying champagne and smoking cigars kissing that trophy.

  • lakerschamps09

    lol… LO better not mess up… no BS we tryin to win ship here if u not down wit that sit yo a ss on da bench n shut up or atleast cheer…

  • matthew

    lakers fans, dont always believe you what you read. this article is dumb.

  • soysauce24

    yes another dumb article i agree. the blazers game was a freakin fixed.I think STERN is too damn old and blind to see that the refs are cheatin or He just doesn’t like the Lakers. There have been so many games that kobe had been rigged by the refs but i found a video to show you guys

  • kwame4mvp

    he might be mad at farmar.. that fools been stankin it up..