Here is what Odom thought about his suspension. Despite the Lakers being without Lamar, they defeated the Houston Rockets…

L.A. Times: “I probably would do the same thing over again if I see one of my teammates put under pressure by two guys from the other team,” Odom said today, his first comments since the suspension was announced. “I was no further than when I cheer. I guess I’m on the court when I cheer as well, so I’ve got to watch that. I might get suspended for that.”

  • Mitch4Pres

    stu jackson can suck my diick


    Hey, he’s right. NBA teams jump off their bench to cheer. If you’ve ever watched a cavs game closely their bench is usually a few feet on the floor but its no big deal. When there’s a fight going on next to the bench it’s a big deal? BULL

  • sketch

    it’s a bad rule and we all know it. but until the rules change, it’s the correct and consistent ruling! LO, just learn to sit your a$$ on that bench next time! and if you actually showed that much intensity during game play then we wouldn’t even be stressing about bynum coming back in march or april! glad that the lakers pulled out the win in the end. powell played huge for us today! i just hope that LO will be able to put forth those numbers when he’s back in san antonio!

  • Whatsa

    I love his tone on about watching himself when he cheers.

  • Billy Kupchak

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    Why don’t you learn to shut your a$$ from clapping negative talk about Lamar’s intensity?! :cool:

  • Billy Kupchak

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    When you say tone, are you referring to his sarcastic humor? :cool:


    This guy gave up 100k (one game suspension) for sticking up for his teamate. This shows how united we are as a team. Championship is coming to L.A. no doubt. By the way, the Celdicks lost again, where is that stupid little Celdick fan that comes on when our team occasionally drops a game?

  • lakerpurpleandgold

    I have faith that Lamar will have an outstanding game on both sides of the ball tonight against the Spurs. He wants to play ESPECIALLY how late it is in the season.

  • LakersFirst

    LO needs to come with a monster game tonight against the Spurs.