Lakers Examiner: Salt Lake City has traditionally been an incredibly difficult place for visiting teams to play.

For whatever reason, those normally friendly Mormons turn into vicious, relentless, madmen when it comes to their Utah Jazz. So the Los Angeles Lakers don’t expect to come away with the easy victories that they managed in the first two games of the series.

Lamar Odom, however, told Brian Kamenetzky of the L.A. Times that he is looking forward to the hostile crowd:

I expect it to be fun. For us. Playing in a hostile environment is going to remind me of home. I’m from Queens, so I’d play tournaments in Brooklyn and all over, and there’s gonna be talking and in your face. But that’s what we live for.

It’s competitive. It’s a little different than a good game of Monopoly, or something like that. It’s a different kind of competition, you know? Somebody telling you that they hate your guts, and then you can make a spin move and make them go “Ahhhhhh!” in the same breath? You know? That’s the rush that you get from playing on the road.

You’ve got to love Lamar. In a sports world full of cliches and cookie-cutter responses, you can always count on him for an honest reaction, like when he bashed his team after game one’s poor second half effort.

We’ll certainly look forward to Lamar’s crowd-wowing spin moves in game 3 Thursday night, but the Lakers can expect a much tougher couple of games in Utah.