Lakers Examiner: Despite cruising to an easy victory in game one of the NBA Playoffs, Lamar Odom says he is not happy with the second half effort of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers led the Utah Jazz by 22 points at halftime, but saw the lead cut to single-digits a couple of times before finally coming away with the 113-100 victory.

Odom had this to say in an on-court interview after the game…

Today I feel like our energy was more on the offensive end, especially in the second half. I mean, we were up 20 points…we should have won by 40.

We got to come out with the energy on the defensive end. You know, everybody on this team is going to get their points, and do what they want, and the hooray and the hoopla. But you know the games are won in the playoffs on the defensive end.

Everybody should have played in today’s game. We should have got the guys at the end of the bench into the game.

Get em, Lamar! You love to see that kind of fire after a decisive victory.

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  • Margo

    The Best Comments of the Day! Stay HUNGRY L.O.

  • Jay

    Thats good Lamar u should never be satisfied.


  • Freshh

    Nice little plug-in^, lol

  • LakersFirst

    Yes, the Lakers played a poor second half. Can’t give Utah any confidence.

  • ricky

    It’s good to see Lamar, even after a decisive victory and solid game, to criticize the team’s defensive effort in the 2nd half. They played well enough to win but defensively they were just okay. It’s good to see how hungry Lamar is because he knows he is a 10 year veteran and he, just like all players, want to win the whole thing when they have the greatest opportunity to do so this season. I think the team is really focused and with this type of attitude from here on out, I think we can go all the way. I know Kobe and the gang realize that this is another shot twice in a row that they can get to the end and finish with a bang, so they got to continue with this type of attitude and confidence for the rest of this playoffs and it must come from not just Lamar but every single player on the roster. I noticed what a great opportunity this is, with teams constantly having to worry about Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum; the other players must play hard and put forth effort to maximize themselves and take advantage of teams focusing on those 3. If this was any indication in today’s game that guys like Lamar, Shannon, and Ariza can step us for us huge and play a significant role as well as the others, we will have a very high chance of winning it all this time!

    Go Lakers! ’08-’09 NBA Champs! In Lakers We Trust!!!

  • Chris Manning

    This shows you they learned from G4 of the ’08 finals. I love this fire too… Don’t be satisfied with a win, make it a massacre! Go Lamar, tell ‘em dude.

  • dEDGE

    With the Lakers on the verge of making another deep run into the playoffs, there is no player more important than L.O. Lamar brought stability to an unstable and young bench. He became another leader on a roster full of them, and most importantly, he became comfortable in his own skin, no longer wary of who he wasn’t. See more:

  • WifelovesLuke

    Chris Manning
    Apr 19th, 2009 at 8:57 pm
    This shows you they learned from G4 of the ‘08 finals. I love this fire too… Don’t be satisfied with a win, make it a massacre! Go Lamar, tell ‘em dude.

    Right on the money, Chris. Jordan’s Bulls would have put a dagger in their heart coming out of the locker room at half time. They would have stretched the lead to 30. Good for Lamar in recognizing this crutial point. I’m really pumped for this run, but being cautious.