odomO.C. Register: It will bear watching the rest of the regular season whether Pau Gasol is wearing down from the team-high minutes he has logged and the overtime he has worked since Andrew Bynum was injured.

Gasol has an elevated turnover total in March, entering the Lakers’ victory Friday night with 2.8 per game this month compared to 1.8 per game previously this season. He also had missed 18 of his past 29 foul shots — 62.1 percent, compared to a 79.6 percent free-throw success rate previously.

Then again, even though he clearly tired midway through the second quarter Friday, Gasol gave the Lakers 36 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists against the Nets. He’s really good.

Assuming he’s still standing, Gasol is the guy who is going to be in there at the start and finish of postseason games. The question is whether it will be Lamar Odom or Bynum next to him — the same question with which the Lakers entered this season.

Coach Phil Jackson is hopeful Bynum can get a little action late in the regular season, saying: “In the regular season we can devote significant time to getting his rhythm back and what not, but in a playoff situation, you just don’t have those kinds of moments to expend.”

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  • i hate the color green

    ARE U F’ing SERIOUS? I think our team is better like this if anything Andrew should come off the bench this year and next year I think odom is done, ariza is our best small forward anyways. If odom wants to stay he’s our best sixth man but that starting role is ghost for him.

  • ceballos_neverforget

    the issue isn’t about starting so much as it is who’s in in the 4th. Bynum publically stated months ago he didn’t like being on the bench in favor of odom when the game was on the line…who cares who starts. It’s about who finishes!