John Hollinger of ESPN just posted this on his Twitter…

Twitter: A league source just told me Odom is going back to the Lakers.

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    Really?? Thank God

  • laker fan who hates flukes

    dont believe it

  • j no skills

    heard espn news just say that lamar will sign for the 30 four yr with the fourth belonging to the lakers as an option

  • Brian

    on espn news!!!! Odom’s back!!!!

  • tradekwame11

    It is on ESPN

  • LakeShow4Life
  • JohnJohn

    If he comes back……I take everything bad is said about LO ….If this is crap then I meant it.

  • lalakesir

    It’s about time holy @!#$

  • KING


  • TonyFisch

    Don’t fall for more rumors. This means nothing until it is announced.

    Either way LO has not done himself any favors. As a Laker fan I would not spend a dime on anything related to LO. His word has appeared weak and disrespectful We will learn more I am sure, but he plays on and off. Like his word, it is who he is.

  • Robert

    ESPN wouldn’t have reported this on their main site, if it weren’t true.

    Welcome back, LO!

    Now Puker, Stein, and BS can revisit their pronouncements on who will win it all next year (or, for the next few years).

    We’re all set!

  • JohnJohn

    Its official, just got off the phone with Mitch and he told me that it is true but not to tell any one.

  • LKRFan

    Way to go LO!!

  • LakersFirst

    Glad I was wrong :)