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HoopsHype: Although the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant have gotten off to a strong start this season despite early injuries, forward Lamar Odom says there’s no question they miss triangle guru Tex Winter, who still battles the effects of a stroke suffered last April.

Odom says he has no doubt what the perfectionist coach would be telling the club.

“He would be telling Kobe to move the ball,” Odom said with a laugh recently. “But he was always telling Kobe to move the ball, even when Kobe was moving the ball. He would tell us to ping the ball. He would say we should be passing a lot better, having a lot more assists.”

And if the team had defensive breakdowns, the 87-year-old Winter would blame the troubles on improper offensive execution, Odom said.

That’s because the triangle, a team offense, is predicated on floor balance that always leaves players in position to get back on defense.

Winter, the longtime assistant and mentor to Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson, is himself nominated once again for the Hall of Fame this year, after failing to gain election on numerous occasions.

It’s a system good enough to win 10 of the last 20 NBA championships, but is it good enough to get Winter elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame?

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