Good to see Odom show leadership, but he must step up so the rest follow in his example.

Inside Local: Lamar Odom called on the reserves to play better Saturday in Game 4 than they did in Game 3. He said today before the Lakers’ practiced at the Ford Center:

“I think our bench play has to step up offensively and defensively. The first unit is doing a great job of getting a good start. We’re not keeping the momentum up. … We’ve got to find a way for the second group to come in and stretch the game out a little bit and maintain the lead.”

  • Sasha4Lvp

    Lamar Odom, the hypocrite.

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  • only one laker fan

    Can this guy read a stat sheet. He is contributing nothing.
    Why the hype to sign this guy. He never shows up.
    You can till Kobe gave up on this guy.
    He never even gives him a minute of his time.
    La Mar you are a fucking pot smoking idiot.
    You married a reality whore who sucks only black cock.
    Sorry you had some troubles in your life but many people
    have problem and dont get paid millions on there job to put no effort out.
    In the real world you would be a at best a car washer,
    maybe a janitor.
    So wake up ass hole

  • Robert

    Lamar, you need to look at the “man in the mirror”. Eat a little more candy, smoke a little less weed.
    Notice that your play changes when you make a ‘charge’ instead of finessing around players (like a good ‘expert’ basketball player should do). I think you even had 2 charges. Not good. Try not to hit anyone when you take it to the hoop.

  • Josh Herrington

    This is your chance to step up now. Lamar, quite a lot of people are hating you for your lack of play. Have them jump back on your bandwagon tonight. You said that the bench needs to keep the momentum the starters build then do that. Lamar, in my opinion, is telling us what he is trying to do tonight. Expect for him to explode. If not, then expect a close win or loss.

  • tradesasha

    haha funny, lamar is asking the bench to step up…isn’t lamar part of that bench too? He should step up first and the rest of the bench will follow.

    • bostonSUCKS88

      if u actually read what he said, hes including himself in his comments. thats why he said, “we’re not keeping the momentum up.” so hes not just saying that they bench has to step up, but hes also saying he has to step up.