Here is a video – thanks LetsGoLakersVideos – of Odom and his thoughts about the current Lakers’ success!

  • kb24 4life

    we really need LO.

  • saint

    68-14 Thats My Prediction All The Way From Atlanta Go Lakers Go

  • saint

    and Oh Yeah,Laker Nation Is The Top Site For Laker News Without Yall I Dont Know Where Id Be.This Is The Year,the Year Kobe And The Funky Bunch bring A Championship Back 2 LA. (PTo Is A Movement For Change;One Love)

  • gugy

    I hope LO will be an all star this season. The Lakers need to be healthy. If we keep the core intact we might have a shot advancing well into the playoffs.


    we need you to get healthy so we can trade your ass for a power forward who can work down on the low post

  • Billy Kupchak

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    o shush u blind fool! we have chris mihm & ronny turiaf as power forwards already. odom is the perfect 3 strong forward, who can dominate every other 3 in the NBA with his basketball IQ.

  • domidomdomz

    we need you to get healthy so we can trade your ass for a power forward who can work down on the low post

    yeah..Billy is correct!!!!
    odom may be the best SF in the league as long as he’s healthy…
    and hell yeah! Odom will be an all star coz of his star-shaped hair do..haha

  • mikedeezy2k8

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    so when was mihm playing power forward?

  • Ignard

    Hey I noticed that Smush Parker had a couple DNP’s is he hurt or is the Heat seeing what we’ve seen for the last two seasons and Riley has him on the bench?

  • ricky

    i cant wait till lamar returns because his cabilities on the court will be a tremendous asset to the team and a major threat to opponents. his offense, rebounding, passing, ball handling, versatility, and veteran leadership is crucial in order for this young lakers team to progress and advance further into the playoff picture. if the lakers remain healthy this season, they can easily be a surprise team to make some noise in the playoffs. with kobe, odom, fisher, and walton as the veteran leaders on this team, it is their responsibility to help the youngsters develop. i really feel that this could be the season, probably not the break out season, but a very progressive season for both bynum and farmar. both players showed exceptional progress thus far and should become better as the season progresses. if both bynum, farmar, and even radmanovic can deliver what they have thus far off the bench throughout the remainder of the season, then the lakers will be in good shape. those 3 bench players will be catalysts for the 2nd unit, especially the leadership of farmar. this will be an exciting season and hopefully a progressive one as well.

  • ricky

    i did too realize that smush parker has had a few DNP’s next to his name on the box scores. i dont know if he is injured or just not getting any playing time. im glad smush is gone, fisher has done much more in his 3 games with the lakers (and not to mention his age when compared to smush), than smush has in 2 years. fisher may not be rebounding or getting assists at a high rate thus far, but his offense has been surprising to me. i have never seen fish average over 15 ppg before, this must be a career high. well, his offense, defense (which smush had none of), experience, and leadership truly has become a great asset for this young lakers team. i love the backcourt of kobe and fish because they know how to work together and they have been the story of late. also, the fisher-farmar combo has shown to be very successful. the lakers backcourt woes have seem to solved for the time being. with fisher providing the offense, defense and leadership and farmar developing so quickly, this may be one of the most efficient and productive backcourts in the league today.

  • fatty

    If there is a better all around backcourt in the NBA, I don’t see it. Our weakness from last year is now our strength.



    its not the backcourt we need help on. its the front court we are severly lacking!!!