If true, this will be a huge challenge for Mamba. What are your thoughts? Sound-off.

Yahoo! Sports: The Lakers are considering moving Bryant to small forward and making frontcourt player Lamar Odom a guard.

  • Sako

    One question: Why?

  • vida8

    uh i think kobe is use to play SF remeber the kobe,farmar,machine line up…
    i think kobe is used to play SF…

    can odom play G ?

  • Lakers 24 7

    Nigga you crazy, unless Odom has become some kind of sharp shooting assassin, he does not belong in the guard position. They can have Vujacic at SG if they plan on moving Kobe to SF

  • Michael_23

    No. LO is the worse perimeter shooter in the team that isn’t a center. Yes, he has the capability of driving the basket but this position requires that he could the perimeter shot and make it. Kobe, Sasha, Derek, and Farmar can do that.

    Try it out in the pre-season and see how that goes. I think Mitch and Phil told LO in the exit interview that they will try him out as Guard sometimes so I hope he’s working on his perimeter game in the summertime which is right now.

  • lakerschamps09

    wtf why.. watever i want the championship soo just get it done

  • Sako

    If only Lamar can get his shot back.

  • Ignard

    This is another reason why we should trade Lamar

  • Big Phil

    This is got to be one of the dumbest suggestions. Odumb is one the worst shooters in the league. He can’t get his shot back cause he never had it.

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #48593 Will Be Quoted Here]

    in the 05-06 season, he had a 37% 3pt on 215 attempts

  • daboss1849

    so your going to take your best rebounder and worst shooter on the team and make him the shooting guard? I’m no rocket scientist but that sounds pretty stupid!!!


    look man this might be a good move. lamar can play at the SG but more of a play make and decoy for the real shooters like fidher and machine. i think fisher is best at just shootiong the ball. kobe can take the baseline cuts and lamar is big enough to get the pass into the post without any problems. I am more than positive that lamar is working his ass off this summer. so lets just see wat happens.

  • gmikan99

    This is old news. It was reported that they were thinking of doing that back in June.


    At first, I thought that it would be a good idea. Similar to Magic Johnson in the backcourt during the Showtime 80s. One of Lamar’s strengths has always been grabbing the defensive rebound and leading the break. The major downside on the offensive end is he is not a good outside shooter.

    The problem will be on the defensive end. Will Lamar guard the opposing point or shooting guard or the weakest front court player?
    Odom will have problems if he has to defend on the perimeter since his lateral movement is not the best.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with the lineup with a full roster.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Lamar doesn’t necessarrily have to play shooting guard, he can play point, I mean he’s good with the dribble and he’s a good passer, so he can be like a point guard and set up the spot up shooters

  • http://myspace.com/priceless1 Priceless

    LO would have to guard faster players…. im not sure if there’s any benefit of having him as a 2…cuz his shot is SHOT

  • o

    y would u wanna do tat? this will only distract lamar. just let the guy play his position n tat is 3 n kobes kobe, i kno if he has to he’ll even play center n he’ll prob gonna average 2-3 blocks a game but come on this moves just dumb…kobe 2 lamar 3 how its supposed to b

  • Paul

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    Moving Lamar to SG: THAT’S A FREAKIN FAIL.

    Lamar cannot shoot, unless he can now. Kobe can play anything.

  • Adamas

    doesn’t a shooting guard have to be able to…shoot? i don’t even like the idea of odom playing small forward. what convinced the lakers that they should even CONSIDER playing odom at the 2 guard spot? and why on eartg would you move kobe to the frontcourt when he doesn’t have to? god knows that we are loaded at the small forward position and we do NOT need kobe to play it. he is the best shooting guard in the league. this is wrong on so many levels.

  • Adamas

    for the sake of my health [don’t worry guys, i’m not suffering from anything, yet], the health of my fellow lakers fans, and for the sake of himself, i hope that odom is working his behind off this off season. no partying lamar. i’m dead serious. he needs to seriously work on his shot since he is going to play small forward now. he needs to be able to stretch the floor so bynum and gasol can have room to work inside and so kobe and can drive. he needs to make his defenders pay for disrespecting his jump shot. i wish i had some way to contact odom and tell him this. working on his defense will help a lot too. now that he is going to be the 4th option, i’m sure that he is happy.

  • gmikan99

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    I’m hoping that with what happened in Game 6, that Lamar Odom and the other players use that as motivation to get better on both ends of the court.

    I remember both Odom and Gasol saying that the Finals left a bad taste in their mouths and that they would be working extra hard to get tougher.

  • maccassedy

    [Comment ID #48601 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • Ron

    Ha ha HA..lamar at SG..maybe hes training with Sasha on how to drain open 3’s…Kobe can play anywhere…i dont really worry about him…cmon that man can play PF..SF..PG..SG..and odom is yet to prove he is effective as a SF…and now we want him to be a SG?

    Kobe was very effective at the SF position…infact…his FG% was higher and he scored more easily…due to the fact he gets to position himself on the post or center D…yea he plays off the ball like no other…ODOM GET YO ACT TOGETA MOFO>>

  • awaker85

    Guys didn’t you hear? We are moving Odom to Shooting Guard and Andrew’s gonna play point with Kobe at center and COby Karl at power forward, and PHil Jackson’s gonna suit up and be 6th man of the bench!

  • goodfella

    Nigga you crazy, unless Odom has become some kind of sharp shooting assassin, he does not belong in the guard position. They can have Vujacic at SG if they plan on moving Kobe to SF


    I agree. Kobe’s not physical for that spot if anything he’s not that strong to guard the best small forwards, i.e. lebron,pierce,carmelo,etc. keep the mamba at 2 what the hell is wrong with ya.

  • Remy

    Regardless of where LO or mamba is at, the offense won’t be running through LO anyways. Kobe will still get most of the shots and remmeber, the triangle creates more shots for kobe in the low post like jordan. kobe can have his usual face up jumper from 15 ft or attack the basket

  • lakerfan81

    Its about what position Odom would be in the triangle. By putting Odom at the SG position he would be playing on the weak side where Pau is. This w0ould allow him to play more off the ball. It would also make it easier for Pau and Odom to olay their two-man-game which was pretty effective. It would put Odom in Scotty Pippen’s position to be the playmaker. At least thats what was explained to me by some people who know what they are talking about.

  • two0one7

    We already do this. In fact we’ve been doing it for the last 3 years. They’re talking about on offense. If anybody knows anything about the triangle, you’ll see Kobe playing the SF position (MJ’s positoin) in the post. LO will often be the entry passer on the wing (SG position). It’s nothing new.

  • LakersNo1

    Is this what you called an off-season change? same players different position? this is a joke.

  • Lorenzo

    Kobe plays SF in the triangle all the time. Hardly a challenge.

  • http://getgarnett Louis

    not a good idea just leave it the way it is.Odom could play
    guard but he is not a awesome shooter.no leave it the way it way.

  • Thomas

    Why do they feel the need to fix something that isn’t broken? It makes no sence…of course that is what Mitch Kupchak specializes in. The Lakers got to the Finals with Kobe playing the wing and Lamar doing his thing is the post. Why change that?

  • lskerfan567

    let odom get injured, so we can see ariza play as a starter

  • maccassedy

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    u right..ppl ppl ppl…LO might b playin SG..dont means he gaurds every SG on da other team LOL..aint fish a PG? lol he was gaurdin Ray allen which iz a SG..Its not dat serious.. its da triangle offense lol


    … and Pau can be our PG

  • Smush Walton

    If only we would have traded Lamar instead of Caron Butler we wouldn’t have to have these stupid discussions about what do we do with Lamar next.

    Lamar as a shooting guard – doesn’t a shooting guard have to be able to SHOOT? I guess that leaves Lamar out considering his outside shot is HORRENDOUS. What a joke!

  • http://Andrewbynum.com Corey Bynum

    i just want lamar to be a laker for life

  • MILO

    estan pendejos!


    This question just makes me miss Caron Butler more(though he plays for THE WIZARDS)’cause had he stayed…KB/CB/LO/AB/PG,OMG!!!

  • http://nbafan24.webs.com kbfan24

    it will be difficult. dont think it will work.

  • Logic Guy

    They say Lamar is the best rebounder on the team. In order to take advantage of this skill, use him the way Pat Riley did. He was at his best working for Riley. Fine him $1,000 every time he gets more than five feet from the basket and also fine hime $5,000 every time he takes a three pointer. Pau plays high post where his soft ass can shoot, pass or drive from there. Also, reduce Bryants three point shots. (He is not that good at it) His obsession with wanting to take over even when he does not have a shot is killing the team in tough games. It’s also hurting us in the olympics. Let the guys that shoot the best percentage take the most shots. Ofcourse Phil want do this because it’s too simple. He wants people to think he is teaching rocket science.

  • rivers24

    For people who don’t know basketball….

    forwards are the ones who play offense the most.
    guards shoot but not as much as forwards.
    guards mainly pass and steal.
    Kobe is all around so he can do anything, however since he scores the most points on the team wouldn’t it be okay for him to play forward?
    Lamar scores but handles the ball like a PG remember…. so he would play better in the SG and have Derek back him up.

    The only diff. is that kobe would get to score more and lamar gets to pass more, after all he is a better passer than a perimeter shooter right?