L.A. Times: One big-time business deal is in the books for the Lakers, the signing of Andrew Bynum to a contract extension Thursday that secured the young center until 2013.

But next summer will bring more business dealings for the Lakers. Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza are in the final year of their contracts, and Kobe Bryant can opt out of his contract next summer.

Odom and Ariza were happy to hear that Bynum had signed a four-year, $57.4-million contract extension. Odom and Ariza can’t negotiate new deals until July 1, but neither seemed concerned about his future when they talked Friday after practice.

Odom will earn $11.4 million in the final year of his contract this season. (His salary counts as $14.1 million against the salary cap because of a trade kicker he received when the Lakers acquired him from Miami.)

Last summer Odom’s agent talked to the Lakers’ management about a contract extension but was told to wait until next summer. Odom, who turns 29 Thursday, was asked if he’d be willing to take less money to stay with the Lakers.

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  • LakersNo1

    Looks like LO doesnt want to take pay cut. With his salary, we can get someone else better. He needs to take a pay cut as a bench player if he wants to stay.

  • http://swishtheball.net corey thomas

    is lamar the sixth man of the year

  • aggressive expansion

    LO won’t be around next year. we can get somethign better for his contract. and to think the player or players that make headlines off the bench isn’t even Odumb

  • http://jamieinsider.celebuzz.com Jamie Spears Insider

    Oh No…Ariza is represented by the same agent as Bynum >_<…

  • what will be

    In regard to LO, oh that’s easy… LO will be gone and he will be replaced by Ron Artest…

  • Dave

    Speaking of players making the team, I just read that Smush Parker was released from his last team in the last few days. And, his name was was just removed from the nba.com player directory… harsh!

  • Zen Master

    Odom is a really expensive bench player. Is Alonzo Mourning going to come back or what? Bynum only proved his skill in 35 games last year and that earns him 4 more years at over 14 million a year? Damn. I understand they don’ want to lose him by making him unhappy. They had to extend the contract. Still a huge gamble though.


    ‘Cause they’re too busy worrying ’bout winning that ‘Chip…stay focused.

  • http://myspace.com/l8kercrazy dom1020

    Lol, i love it with this crazy theory some of guys on this site have that the lakers are getting rid of LO, hes not getting traded for anybody hes gonna stay in la. lakers dont need another player they are fine how they are right now.

  • Drake Hunter

    LO is making $11 million this year but counting as $14 million against the cap. If LO is willing to accept a 4 year $32 million contract with incentives like winning the sixth man of the year award to boost the figures, then I’m all for resigning him. Rick Fox turned down lucrative contracts two years in a row to accept one year deals from the Laker because he believed there was something special and he wanted to be part of it. He was right and the Lakers rewarded him with a big contract. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. He gave the franchise salary flexibility by taking less knowing a big payday was coming and the Lakers kept their promise.

    Ginobili is getting almost $10 million as a sixth man so I have no problem paying LO $8 million but he has to be willing to accept it if he wants to be part of a championship team. I know the Lakers want to keep him otherwise he would have been traded already since he’s been on the block the last three years in the off season. LO, if your smart, take the pay cut otherwise it’s your loss and I’m sure the Lakers won’t even call your bluff if you balk!

    I think Ariza is a very good player for our second unit and overall talented basketball player. He is however not worth $6 million a year which the LA Times is reporting he would get this off-season in the free agent market. If someone pays him that much, I say let him walk. If we didn’t trade for him last year, he’d probably still be buried on the back end of the Orlando Magic bench and no one would have ever even heard of him. The Lakers put him on the map and have given him a great opportunity to showcase his skills. If he’s healthy and plays all year, we offer him a 3 year $12 million contract max which is a million dollar raise and he gets to play for a championship in his own city where he grew up.

    That already saves us $2 million of the cap resigning both of our main free agents next season and letting Mihm walk will be another $2 million less on the cap. The main problem next off-season is finding a taker for Walton’s horrible contract. If we can somehow do what the Nuggets did when the got the Clippers to take over Camby’s remaining $9 million dollars and they didn’t have to take back anything, that would be perfect. Too bad the world’s not perfect so hopefully Mitch can pull another rabbit out of his hat like how he did with Gasol.

    Losing Walton will definately ease the pain of the salary cap as well as Phil having to try to find playing time for this joke of a guy they call a basketball player. One thing I would like to say is that Kobe can and will probably opt out of his contract this off-season and resign for a longer term. The cap and flexibility of the franchise for the next 4-5 years will all rely on much Kobe will demand in his new contract. If he wants the max, then we could be in real trouble. Kobe knows we can make him the highest paid player in the league without maxing out the most he can get. Lets all cross our fingers and hope he does the right thing. If I know Kobe, he would want to keep this core of players together as long as they can so I have faith he will help the franchise.