Here is an interesting tidbit regarding Lamar, though he’s used to being in the middle of rumors.

L.A. Times: “With the local careers of Jordan Farmar and Adam Morrison thought to be over, there’s speculation within the organization that Lamar Odom may be moved to save money.”

  • jballer24

    Are they stupid, keep Lamar. EXCEPT if we get Chris Bosh.

    • Odom the worst player

      No they are only stupid if they keep this guy.

  • Mamba24Goat

    who are they talking about trading him for?

    • DavidLee

      Me of course. NYK want an uptempo player you can have Lamar. Lakers can have me.

  • 123kid

    he’ll always be in trade talks.

  • Marwan Marzina

    It is what it is… a rumor!
    The Lakers know how big Lamar is to the team and they won’t want to let a player as diverse as he is let go. Lamar is the only player who comes off the bench that really gives the Lakers help. Letting him go means letting go of the already dead bench.
    If he is let go, good luck finding another Lamar in the NBA, there is only one Lamar and we are lucky to have him, even if at times he is inconsistent. We take him for granted.

    • Odom the worst player

      No he doesn’t the guy sucks. let this guy go, it’s the smartest thing the Lakers could do

      • HATER

        SHUT THE HELL UP Odom the worst player. You are a fool!

        • Odom the worst player

          Nope Nope you’re the fool. It’s not my fault your odumb can’t play. Lakers please trade this idiot and trade this odom loving fans with him

  • Cody

    Save money? wtf screw that

  • 09-10-11champs!

    Nahh L-BUGGY stays definately. During the finals they asked Kobe if he did something last summer to leep Lamar. He said: no man, nothing at all, I just told him: If you go, I´ll kill you, thats all.

    Kobe loves Lamar, but LO is the type of player that is always involved in trade rumors, but he is not going anywhere.

  • Jack Y.

    Some of you guys are taking this too seriously. It’s just speculation. His contract is cheap for his capabilities. Recall, he took a paycut when he resigned last summer. The media is just bored … and making up stories.

    • HATER

      SHUT UP!

      • Jack Y.

        No Hater. Go away!

  • Genius

    why not trade odom and 1st round pick for chris paul,,
    then sign-and-trade t-mac for luke
    then sign either mike miller or raja bell
    sign dwayne jones or craig smith
    keep j-powell and cut mbenga

    • wow

      You talk like its easy…..

      • Jack Y.

        “Genius”, you only look at things from Lakers side. Teams aren’t going to just give up players to make Lakers unbeatable. First of all, it’s unlikely NO would consider making that trade. Sign-and-trade for T-mac? Why would New York do that? NY are trying to free up cap space to get Lebron and another superstar. We only have a MLE, minimum, and Biannual (not sure on this one) to sign players. We do have bird rights on a couple of our own expired free agents.

  • laker fan

    we gotta get Kirk Hinrich, that’s a must… lol keep odom just for the kardashian, those bitches are good luck, there two for two in championships so far…

    • Westcoast B!tch

      mutha fukin Hinrich is goin to the wizards

  • patrick bateman

    Odom wont be traded. We have to resign Fisher and Brown. Farmar wants to be selfish and explore free agency? Let him walk. Sign a backup Pg and C for Fisher and Bynum for obvious reasons. (age/injuries)

    i’d take Brenden Haywood over Shaq and would take J-Critt over any pg in F.A.

    J-Critt, Raja Bell, Brenden Haywood. plus Odom equal awesome bench.

    • inverse

      i agree with u on everyting here. Everyone is sleeping on J Crit. I won’t mind getting TMAC over bell but dont mind if we get bell instead

      • espinoza5439

        No way raja over tmac we need defensive minded players we have offense guys let’s focus a little on D Ron and Kobe can’t do it All. Lets go for D.

        • gameplan

          nope! we got the D, we need shooters! as I know fish is still the trusted shooters on this team asides kobe at first of course. I am excited for ebanks lakeshow time…dump odumb!!!

  • lakers0828

    Why would They Trade Odom when They Just signed him to a 3 yr deal odom isnt going anywhere alright there gonna keep him so you can stop with The BS Rumors Of tradeing odom

  • denniisc5000

    Lamar doesnt put up big numbers but thats not what its all about.

    Do you help the offense run smoother?
    Do you rotate on guys at the right time?
    Do you create match up problems?
    Do you hustle and dive for loose balls?

    • Diego Fuego

      The answer to all of those questions is NO.

  • justdogm1

    if they aren`t paying phillip,and phillip is done,trade lamars half-wit ass.

  • jonb

    trading him is one thing but to “SAVE MONEY?” trade luke, he’s a waste of cap space. Lamar is signed to a decent contract and took a paycut last summer. This is stupid. ANd why are u guys so high on jcritt and dfish, of course i want fisher back but not STARTING all 82 games, don’t u remember how the past seasons have been. EVEN washington has 3 better PG’s than we do.

    • TeamMorrison

      Show me a team in the league that wants Luke Walton. Injured, slow, only decent shot, but he does have high IQ right?

  • BringDFishBack

    In 09-10 the player’s salaries totaled roughly $91 million, in which they had to pay $112M on counting the luxury tax. Add in PJ’s $12M salary + $2M bonus and that puts them at $126M in total. Right now for next season they’ve committed $82M to 7 salaries, $94M including the tax. Assuming they get Fish for around $3M, another PG for $3-4M, Shannon for $4-5, and 2 guys at the minimum, they puts them at $120M. Unloading Lamar would bring that back down to $104, so unless PJ changes his mind and they plan on giving him a $22M contract, there seems to be no reason to get rid of Lamar for financial reasons.

  • echeverria.d78

    Let him go. he’s not there when we needed him the most. yada yada o the lakers are a hard team to win if he plays well. yeah i heard that but he doesn’t show up. mother fucker winks to the tv in the final series after he fucks up. fuck that puto.

  • gameplan

    odom 6’10 never saw him do an alley oop no excitement for this inconsistent mammal, ebanks 6’9 can shoot left and right, can block shot athletic than odom,good perimeter he’s young and cheaper he can learn from kobe n fish, unlike odom since 04 has no change he’s like a rookie every new season…

  • Odom the worst player

    Gameplan you are so right, all of these people keep talking about how good odom is, but they can’t tell you one time he has come through in the clutch. They think just because he can bring the ball up the floor he’s the best thing since sliced bread. What they don’t say is how many times he crashes into people. They don’t say how many times he misses layups. They never say how he will not jump and try to block shots. They won’t say out of all of the big guys in the playoffs he is the only one who didn’t come through. The odom lovers will worship this guy no matter what though. I just hope the lakers finally realize odom was a fail experiment.

  • OaklandLakers

    Yeah considering we did actually get him for an alright contract, I just don’t see us getting equal value as in and skill set for the dollar. I’ve yet to really dig into whats available but I think we could say Warrick would have done alright for the dollar. Yes you’d lose versatility but it’d be a little cheaper.

  • Long

    ODOM and BYNUM for CP3 and OKAFOR?

  • cjm

    was odom instrumental in winning this year’s championship? i don’t remember him giving us anything in the post-season.

    • Odom the worst player

      He gave us nothing. He never has, but you still have these odom lovers who gets mad when you tell the truth about this guy. he can’t play period

  • gameplan

    No need to trade odumb, just buy him out I’m sick of this allien..I never see basketball game on him, his boring with his missed only left lay-up..It is time for the lakeshow 2011, kobe,pau, brown, ebanks..

    • Odom the worst player


  • nfl

    For those of your who like the shirt, it’s on sale now.

    And yes, you do recieve a free pro membership or one yr. extension with purchase.

  • Diego Fuego

    Okay! Okay! I’ve got it! Why not sign Lebron, D-Wade, Chris Paul, AND Chris Bosh and then we can 3-Peat in 2011! Okay, I’m awake now! But seriously, Lamar O-Dumb isn’t as great as people have tried to make him out to be. He is VERY inconsistent and does not show up in MOST big games and this has been the case his entire career. The smart move would have been to trade him last year and resign Trevor Ariza who was much more consistent and underappreciated for his contribution to the 2009 championship. Plus he was only 24 and would have been a great contributor to the Lakers for many years to come. Of course the Lakers screwed that up and let him slip away to the Rockets and it somehow worked out in the short-term in spite of this mistake by Mitch. Going forward, LA should only trade him if they can get good value for him. While we’re at it, we need to get rid of Farmar, Morrison, and Sasha and replace them with productive team members. That is all. K bye!

  • Diego Fuego

    We SHOULD be bringing some players up from our minor league team . . . the Clippers. LOL