Lamar Odom wants to return to the Lakers.

returnYahoo! Sports: Lamar Odom says he wants to return to the Los Angeles Lakers, and he hopes the team will keep both him and Trevor Ariza.

Odom and Ariza become unrestricted free agents on July 1.

“You want to keep the team together,” Odom said. “We just won a championship, you don’t want to see one piece not there. Hopefully we can keep everybody here.”

Odom met with coach Phil Jackson and general manager Mitch Kupchak during an individual 20-minute exit interview Thursday.

“Hopefully, it won’t take that long,” he said, joking about upcoming contract negotiations. “In and out, three years, 80 million.”

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  • Lakezilla

    I don’t like what Odom said in this interview. He’s talking about how he has to think about his family and his kids and their kids. Are you kidding me? This fool has made like 70-80 million in his career already. How much more money do you and your kids need? Lets say he takes 6 mil a year for the next 4 years, thats another 24 mill on top of that. Almost 100 million and your kids and their kids can’t survive off of that. Give me a break. Get a better business adviser. Lamar, the Lakers were loyal to you over the last couple years where people were calling for your head and wanted to trade your ass every week. The Lakers held on to you and now you have a ring. You could’ve been in Toronto or some crappy city but the Lakers belived in you. You need to show some loyalty back, take less and win more rings.

  • phil buss

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    I agree.

  • lakerman1

    Earlier he was saying he would take a paycut because he wanted to stay with the Lakers. Does not sound like the same sacrifice he was willing to make before does it. Winning Championships makes everyones head big even Ariza is saying whatever team wants him the most ie whoever offers the most money. It will be great to have both of them back but they need to commit. I mean how many millions do you need to support your family. For a million or two less they can be part of a Championship run for years. The experience they gained as team this year is invaluable. Hopefully they wlll think of that when making their decision.


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    Hopefully Kobe can set a good example and take alittle less. Then Odom and Ariza will be compelled to do so.

  • matthew

    in his exit interview; he mentioned about the tough economic issues that we are facing. so it seems like he will go to the team that offers him the most money. but then again, i hope he stays with the lakers. if kobe is willing to shed some salary; it can work out for everybody. i surely do hope so.


    YO LO, Have your kids learn to ration themselves by living off of $1 million a year like my family does! I know that it’s a sacrifice and it takes some getting used to, but trust me, they can get by a Armani Exchange and not Armani and VS as opposed to Versace!

    OMG! I can’t fault homeboy for getting as much as he can out of every contract that comes his way, but I do believe that he’s under performed his previous few years with the Lakers and he needs to actually make up for his lack of performance by taking less!

    Tell you what LO, if you sign with the Lakers for less, I’m sure that every game attender will help offset the difference in you contract with not “cheddar”, but with “skittles and m&ms”!

  • Diggah_dalakerfan

    All of you have valid points…….i was one of the main people who said to drop him for taking games off, but when you win a ring you should try to get more isnt like he needs that much more money we traded Shaq’s salary for his which was the same at that time……..come on back L.O but dont be money hungry dawg….you will get more money just by winning….watch and see!