Found this to be an interesting article. They set odds on whether KG will remain in Minny this next season, and if not, to where he will be. Odds say Suns have better chances of landing KG than the Lakers. Check out the article: The bookmakers at have set odds on whether Timberwolves superstar Kevin Garnett will remain in Minnesota for his 13th season. Rumors are swirling in NBA circles that Garnett could be traded as soon as today.

Of course rumors like this always pop up around the draft and more often than not fall through due to salary cap requirements, no trade clauses, etc. However, with two huge rumors within a week coupled with the fact that Minnesota has made it out of the first round of the playoffs only once during Garnett’s 12 years, it appears as if Garnett could very well be in a different uniform by Friday morning.

  • LAalltheway

    Finally someboday making some sense


    i hope that new uniform would be in a lakers uniform. after that sign the greek point gaurd, that guy looks good, and also european guys are always good(nozitki, ginobili, parker, etc.)

  • shins74

    Put me down for 1000

  • XxlakeshowxX

    haha sasha. raddy. all good.

  • lakersfan17

    KG to the Lakers will happen PHX backed off not willing to give up Amare.So i put 50 on KG coming.

  • DMX

    Hopefully its PURPLE and GOLD

  • Socrates

    It doesn’t say the Lakers have better odds. It says Lakers are 5-2 and Suns are 1-2. Even if that’s a typo and it should be 2-1, either way that’s much better odds than the Lakers.

  • Kobe For Pres

    this is the website of this new greek player me might get

  • LakerNation1

    europeans are indeed awesome. they concentrate on all positions rather than just one. very versatile players (dirk, manu and etc)

  • Mr RiCo

    Here is my prediction as a knowledgable individual:

    “Lakers will have the Bobcats mediate a deal that would send KG to L.A. & get the #8 pick to Minnesota, so that everyone is satisfied.”

    Yes, you can quote me on that!

  • Lakers305

    @l2dk and @everyone
    Did you guys know that the Lakers are the ones who caused the KG deal to Lakers to breakdown?? yes, yesterday am570 reported that The Lakers wanted KG to waive his trade kicker which he denied and also KG was asking for 2 year 44 million dollars extension. that would of cost the Lakers about 96 million dollars just to get KG. Also the Lakers didn’t want to take on Jaric’s and Hudson’s contracts.

  • lakersforlife77

    [quote comment=”2895″]Here is my prediction as a knowledgable individual:

    “Lakers will have the Bobcats mediate a deal that would send KG to L.A. & get the #8 pick to Minnesota, so that everyone is satisfied.”

    Yes, you can quote me on that![/quote]

    LOL sorry but since you insisted I have to hold you accountable for that quote. lol j/p

  • LaKeRkB

    i agree with you 100%

  • kb24mvp

    i think lakers are the only destination for KG,min options have faded lakers are the only one available really.phx said they aint tradein amare and marion aint goin to min and there coach finalized it.mayb if kerr wasnt there GM they would have KG so we should b lucky for that.there is no need for three team deals really unless they really dont want odom.i wouldnt be surprised if a deal happens b4 july1 because of KG trade kicker plus lakers would give him an extension.and anyone sayin that lakers wont do anything with KB24 and KG21 cuz they wont have players around them thats bullshit.L.A. would be the most attractive place for veterans and they will still have decent role players in walton(if this deal happens it would b a 200%chance he returns)pick up this foregin dude or get mo williams have mihm and evans and turiaf they would be fine top 3 team for sure.we would see them in west finals/finals every year for next five years KG and KB will retire lakers and another dynasty will be left behind.unlike that fake as shit dynasty of the spurs sure 4 titles in what 9 yrs is great but uhh they couldnt ever beat the dynasty lakers(00-02)never repeated as champs.check the poll on 85% said they wernt a dynasty so it aint just me(f.y.i over 2million people voted on that)when it is all said and done 1:L.A. is the only destination left for KG 2:we have the best offer anyway and we are only team 3:minesota is desperate 4:phx is not in running for him(fucking bastards dont need shit 60 wins and tryin to get KG)5:KG has a hizzy out here and his wife is from L.A.6 and the best reason of all he will be paired up with a competitor of his caliber in kobe24 that shit would be unstoppable)phx has no balls they are a soft gay ass team with people who think they are better than everyone else i.e. marion who cant create for himself and same as stodamire(he is a BITCH)nash is the only guy i respect on that when it is all said and dun KG will be wearin that Purple and Gold and we all will be happy.
    (lol i just had to vent cuz im frustrated but see the light(vic the brick)and fell kobes frustration.-