The president recently gave his thoughts on the NBA.

Caucus: His prediction: Cleveland would play the Los Angeles Lakers. No Celtics-Lakers rematch, in other words.

The president did not predict a winner, but was effusive about the Lebron James-led Cavaliers. “I’m telling you, those Cavs,” Mr. Obama marveled. “They’ve only lost one game all year at home. Thirty-five and one.” (Actually 33 and 1, as of Friday.) “And they have home court advantage. That’s pretty impressive.”

  • lakerschamps09

    hey obama who was the team that gave em the one loss????? hmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmm wait could it be that it was the lakers???? well yes it was yes it was… and ur pickin the cavs bcuz they only lost one game at home to the team they u say they playin inthe finals…. ummmm obama might know a lil bball and like to play it but he dont it like he think she does…..

  • xtro

    i’m scared of the cavs just because they have home court advantage. i’d much rather face the hated celtics.

  • 123kid

    cavs, bulls, pistons, boston, the bobcats, whoeever, i honestly do not have any fright for anyone. when the the playoffs start, its a whole different story and a whole different war. lakers have been there once so there is no excuse cuz they are too young or they didnt have bynum. whatever it may be, i have 1000000000% faith and belief that the lakers arent scared of anyone like the jazz or the mavs or portland or san antonio or boston or cleveland.

  • kobe8

    i think this Laker team can win anywhere. And i’m not convinced that the Cavs can beat the Celtics in a 7 game series.

  • baltimoresbest01

    i thought this said ODOM not OBAMA at first glance. i was like, please don’t jinx us

  • wowlakers

    i wonder who gave the Cavs that 1 loss at home…

    oh yeah. our Lakers.

  • gugy

    I think Celtics are a better opponent to the Lakers than the Cavs.
    I think they are tougher when playoffs time comes. Not sure if the same can be said for the Cavs.

    Also, I think the whole dynamics of the playoffs will change the results we are seeing on the regular season. Specially in the East.

    In the West the only team can give the Lakers maybe a bit of trouble would the the Spurs if they are healthy. Just because they have the experience. I think we are just fine. Let the guys rest these last games and prepare for the playoffs.





  • Lakers 24 7

    Remember when we had home court back in ’04? And the Pistons took us out in 5 games. It’s the playoffs, whole different atmosphere, home court doesn’t matter. Just like Kobe said, “I’m not worried, we can win anywhere.”

  • lafanfromindiana

    I couldn’t care less about what this guy thinks.

  • Fred A.

    You see OBAMA knows the Lakers are going to win it all… because he said the Cavs are 35-1. He is infensizing the one on 35-1 because OBAMA knows Cavs can’t beat the Lakers anywhere. Brilliant Man!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • barry

    the cavs swept the spurs during the regular season the year the spurs swept them in the finals.

    keep whistling in the graveyard – kobe hasn’t accomplished squat yet without shaq while shaq managed to win a championship WITHOUT kobe.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #66383 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I knew I should have voted for McCain!

  • WifelovesLuke

    Maybe if Osama would spend less time watching sports, he might realize that he made some pretty hefty promises during his election and he should get his arss to work. Just do us all a favor and stop spending so much money bailing out people who sucked at their jobs.

    But here is the reality: who’s money did he spend? YOURS. Who’s gonna pay for all the bailouts? US! Here come the taxes. Don’t blame me. I voted for McCain.

  • KobeWinsAtLife

    Who swept the Cavs in the regular season? Hmm. Lakers.
    I honestly actually want the Cavs to face the Lakers at the finals. Because I think it’s a sure win for the Lakers. Well, it doesn’t even really matter. With this team, with Lamar playing as he does, and Pau finding his comfort zone in the paint, and if the bench mob executes, there is no trace of doubt anymore. Home court advantage is a factor, yes, but don’t forget: Lakers have the best road record. It clearly does not make a difference for us if the game is on the road or at home court. This year is ours.

  • http://youtubecom/brokehollywood Jack Chevanty

    Lebron vs Kobe. Roll hard for the next gen champs!