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The NBA lockout is nearing its 5 month anniversary, a milestone that’s almost as silly as it is disappointing. To this point, much of the fan uproar has been limited to social media and the blogosphere, but a group of disgruntled New Yorkers are about to change that. According to a press release we received earlier this afternoon:

New York Senator Malcolm A. Smith will join Knicks and Nets fans and season ticketholders tomorrow, Wednesday November 22, 2011, as they request a full refund for the whole season due to the NBA Walkout. They will be also unveiling a 6 foot petition for over 1 million fans to sign in front of Madison Square Garden. An upcoming National Basketball Solidarity Day will be announced for Sunday December 12, 2011 that will take place in arenas and stadiums across the nation.

While it seemed like it was only a matter of time before a group of dispirited NBA fans got into the protesting spirit, we ask you, Laker Nation…


Would you support a local 'NBA walkout' protest in L.A.?

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  • Cheyne

    shouldn’t it be Wednesday November 23?.. or is there a lockout on time too

  • Bsimpkies

    F*** David Stern, F*** Michael Jordan (The Sell Out)