Am not sure if the Times have a source or their just making this out of this air but it is interesting none-the-less.

N.Y. Times: Any stargazing done by N.B.A. general managers will be focused on a three-man constellation of disenchanted franchise players: Garnett in Minnesota, Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles and Jermaine O’Neal in Indiana.

All indications are that Garnett is the most likely to be traded, Bryant the least likely. And if O’Neal or Garnett somehow end up in a Lakers uniform, then Bryant is surely staying put.

  • punkjones

    If so it would be great. At this point I think the Lakers need to bite the bullet and just get O’ Neal. I don’t see how one guy who is good but not consistent and another who won’t be ready for prime time for another 3 years is worth holding up on getting an all star power forward. O’ Neal is 20 and 10 average. LO sure is 16 and essentially 10 but lordy, he is not panning out for us on any kind of consistent basis whatsoever. He’s turnover prone, spacey, doesn’t often know where to be on the floor. Yes, he’s got great talent but there’s a reason he’s bounced around the league over these years and hasn’t fit anywhere except an overachieving Miami. He’s not a money player and he’s making too much to not be your second option.

    We need a power player and JO is younger than KG. Of course I’d take KG but these guys seem completely uninterested in any of our players. What can you do? They’d rather keep him and let him opt out for 23 mill off the books than do a trade they don’t like. We’re playing a similar hardball game with Indy, but if we end up with neither one of these guys I will be pissed, and I’m sure Kobe will be gone. Everyone says don’t do this JO trade but I don’t see any problem with it. In fact it puts us in better shape than a KG trade because we will inevitably get stuck with a contract such as Jaric’s plus give away all three big guys and probably someone like Farmar as well. Plus have to deal with KG’s trade kicker and his monster re-up contract.

    JO is obviously not the only player we need – we couldn’t stop there. We’d still have to get some kind of point guard or tall guard, but then we’d have some outstanding pieces to be a real player. If Kwame is in any way healthy then JO and Kwame frontcourt is quite a powerhouse on D. Get a defensive minded guard as well and we’re in business. The west is stil wide open. Kobe and JO with Walton Brown and good point guard, plus bench of Farmar/Crittendon, Evans, Vlad, Ronny and Chris Mihm is good stuff. Trade Cook and Sasha they are the most worthless Lakers in recent memory.

  • David

    J.O. isn’t going to help us much if it means losing Odom. think about it. J.O. plays in the much weaker east. He averaged 19 points and 9.6 rebounds. His numbers will be down against the more physical and defensive western conference.

  • punkjones

    JO is actually a great replacement for LO. First off they are playing the same position. Problem for LO is that he does not post up unless he’s playing the Suns in the playoffs. JO’s numbers will not break down. He used to play in the West and I watched him give Shaq problems when he was playing for Portland. Say what you will, but JO’s issues do not revolve around consistency. LO’s do. LO is a tweener to begin with. If the Scottie Pippen expirement a couple years ago didn’t convince you that LO can no longer play the three I don’t know what will. Fact is he’s better at this point in his career at the 4. But that doesn’t make him an effective 4.

    JO is a real 4, he sets up in the post even if he shoots fadeaways. This is something we desperately need – a decent player who can set up down low, command double teams and fit into the offense. LO seems to never know where to be, and whether that’s his fault or the coaching staff it doesn’t matter. We’ve seen three years of LO playing alongside Kobe and his best games, far and away, have come with Kobe not on the court.

    JO is not going to play 5. He’s big but not enough to deal with guys like Yao Ming. This is why, as much as it pains me to say it, we need to keep Kwame. No one else, including Bynum, can give us the hardcore low post D on big guys that this guy can. J.O. is a better defender, shot blocker and is bigger than LO at the 4. JO with Kwame at center is a scary defensive lineup. JO and LO is not. It’s a rangy, long lineup, but there’s a lack of beef at both positions if you force JO to play 5 and keep LO at 4.

    LO has not worked. Despite Kobe saying keep Lamar, he’s got to go. He’s the natural one to move because he’s not filling his position. Bringing in JO also makes Walton even more valuable because he is our best entry passer to the post. And not just straight entry passes – Walton gets in the lane and how many times did Kwame get perfect passes from him that dropped right through those cake throwing hands? He makes those passes to JO and you’re talking about highlight reel dunks. That would be sick. LO just doesn’t fit. A real post big guy will also take the pressure and the ball away from Kwame and he can focus on the things he should be – Defense and Rebounding.

    Seriously, JO is big time, competitive, fiery, things that Lamar Odom approaches every few games in terms of adjectives. The other times he is confused, passive, deferential, spacey . . . sorry. I’m not an LO hater, I like the guy and I’ve always liked his talent. I liked him on the Clippers and Miami. I thought he might bring the same attitude to the Lakers but I get the feeling that Riley had a lot to do with getting Lamar fired up.