There is no question Dallas and the Nuggets have their eye on the slumping Lakers. In fact, J.R. Smith had a lot to talk about on his twitter regarding Kobe Bryant. I don’t know about you, but when/if the Lakers and Nuggets meet again for the third straight year in the post-season, it is going to be war.

  • 09champs!

    Wow, really? Earl “dont call me JR” Smith?
    This clown cant be saying things about Kobe!

  • expo

    i would say he may be adding fuel to the fire, but the lakers don’t seem to take anything personally anymore!!

  • fabz24lakers

    this chump is the new Raja Bell…full of ish!!!!

  • mr.clutch101

    he is stupid…all that talk for what? to lose in the playoffs when it REALLY matters to kobe…fu.ckin stupid and needs to respect his elders, nobody knows him but ppl in denver.
    If anybody should talk it should be lebron

  • Chris Manning

    Exactly. This will have it’s repercussions come the REAL season, the playoffs. Let Smith talk, I love it. He’s entertaining…

  • Anna Gonda

    A war it WILL BE, but what kind of fight are the Lakers going to put up? A crazy one I hope! I just want JR Smith to eat it, seriously.

  • Lakers 24 7

    The next tattoo Smith will be getting is ‘Property of Kobe Bryant’ right across his forehead when the Lakers send the Nuggs fishing.

    • JUICE

      He’s already got one on his ass saying the same damned thing! Hahaha!

  • livetowin16th

    Lets see what you have to say when you need to pour water all over yourself after you get torched “JR”.

  • http://57.amklac REALITY

    everyones dogging the mamba,haters are pounding one out………….

    • hello world


  • Eric

    Did I miss something? Does Denver or JR SMith have a single championship ring? Last I checked Kobe has 4 & the Lakers are the defending Champs. In the words of Ric Flair..” to be the man, u gotta beat the man”. Til then JR Smith should probably keep his mouth shut.

  • pauer

    Seems to me that the biggest shit talkers are the ones that are jealous or are aware of their deficiencies.

    And what exactly was in Kobe’s mouth?

    • JUICE

      What’s in Kobe’s mouth is JR Smith’s mom’s tongue! Because Kobe is JR Smith’s fuckin daddy!

  • islandgirl

    Remember during the 2009 Western Conference Finals in Denver and JR Smith was walking like he was retarded, well, give him some credit as his current grammar skills matches his “lovely” look that day!!

  • L.Guz

    Man J.R i don`t know why you be runnin your loud ass mouth. Tell me how many rings you got??? Remember KOBE has 4 and counting.

  • TheLakerGenera11

    It boils my blood to no end to see these chimps talk so much trash about Kobe, they give him no respect no matter what Kobe does,they can’t do what Kobe does and I’ve never recall MJ getting this type of treatment. Wow I hope LA & Kobe get another chip just so they can all eat s#*t again. Damn I can’t stand these clowns!

  • Brian Shaw

    Next time we play the nuggets, we should bring Mbenga in just to yank Smith to the floor. I would have turned to Pau for this but we dont want him to get suspended and he probably doesnt have the balls to do that…

  • wii

    JR talking shit, but wearing Kobe’s shoes (v) ?

    whats that about ?