Will get a look of him in pre-season, please start already…

L.A. Times: The player with the most impressive touch through two days of training camp is quite possibly Coby Karl, an undrafted free-agent guard out of Boise State.

“He might be one of our best shooters on the team already,” Jackson said. “He’s got a great stroke.”

Karl, the son of Denver coach George Karl, does not have a guaranteed contract, but the Lakers could change that at any time because they have only 14 players under contract, one shy of the league maximum.

  • http://cokespill.com/english/band/jonny.html joninjapan

    coby scors!!

    the raido announcers are going to have fits hahaha

  • two0one7

    Uhh, Jonin, they can just call them by their last names?

  • http://cokespill.com/english/band/jonny.html joninjapan

    just as well that i dont listen to the radio 007 haha

  • TheLAunit

    IF he can shoot put on the floor. With the triangle offense & his jump shoot, he will fit perfectly. “LAL”

  • TheLAunit

    [quote comment=”14073″]IF he can shoot put him on the floor. With the triangle offense & his jump shot, he will fit perfectly. “LAL”[/quote]

  • ab4sure

    I saw him in spl and he can shoot and is a smart player…son of a coach usually is.