Just goes to show when Kobe is off, Ron can be counted on to step up.

O.C. Register: Did you sense it, Lakers fans?

Kobe Bryant did.

Bryant felt it as surely as Denver’s Carmelo Anthony felt Ron Artest’s breath Sunday. And his forearms and his bowed chest and, quite possibly given how close the two players were throughout, a couple of Artest’s internal organs.

In his team’s 60th game of the season, Artest officially became a Laker, formally arrived as theLaker this team will need in the coming three or four months.

Here it was, the last day of February, and the Lakers finally made a key free-agent sighting.

“He earned his money,” Bryant said of Artest, who didn’t fight through the Nuggets’ repeated picks Sunday as much as he MMA’d through them. “That’s what he’s here for – play defense and make life uncomfortable for the other team. He’s here for these situations, these types of small forwards.”

It’s possible this particular forward never looked smaller than Carmelo Anthony did the moment he fouled out, Artest absorbing one too many body shots and drawing Anthony’s sixth personal with the Nuggets in position in a four-point game.

It was the sort of call not often made in the NBA. It was the sort of call rarely made in the final three minutes. It was the sort of call almost never made when the result is the disqualification of a star player.

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  • OaklandLakers1

    I like what he said “But they don’t always call those. I wouldn’t have complained if they hadn’t called it.”

    That wasn’t a a last 3 minute “foul out caliber call”;
    but yes a foul in the present era of the NBA. Any how Artest played great D and really got under Melo’s skin. Felt like I was in control, playin a video game when he was cutting off short passing lanes. He was doin everything I wanted from a broadcast view.

  • Marwan Marzina

    His defense has been top notch the past couple of games. I hope he can keep it up, we are going to need it when it matters most, the playoffs.

  • http://www.forexeasynow.com Emanuel

    Artest was clearly the mvp of that Laker/Nuggets matchup yesterday. His remarkable steals on Carmelo Anthony were the key to that fourth quarter comeback yesterday. A very well played game by the Lakers overall..

    • hello world

      don’t forget those three threes or more i couldn’t remeber i was dazed by his defense.

  • xtro

    now u know why artest was signed over ariza. ’nuff said.

  • 242LakerFan

    Hollow…hollow…hollow…empty…empty…empty…like your cranium…cranium…cranium.

  • 242LakerFan

    I loved Ariza, but he was a complementary player. Artest is both fitting into the system and showing signs that he can still be a major player; something Ariza will never be.

  • iiTzDanny

    Yeaaaa RonRon Show Em Wassup

  • asg


  • asg

    There goes that man………ARTEST, now start scoring, shoot the ball please