Photo courtesy of Frederic J. Brown, Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Frederic J. Brown, Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Frederic J. Brown, Getty Images

Nowadays, the question isn’t, “Will the Lakers be able to win this game?” It’s, “How much do you think the Lakers will lose by?” Pardon the use of a preposition to end a sentence, but in desperate times such as this, grammar is but a triviality. Sadly, as desperate as the Lakers SHOULD be playing, they don’t.

The almost-win this past Wednesday against San Antonio shone another glimmer of hope. We saw the emergence of Earl Clark, and a smidge of fight from this team. But tonight, with another opportunity to right the ship, the Lakers failed to match the energy of the Oklahoma City Thunder and are now a lowly 15-21.

Moving on…


Defense – OKC shot over 51% for the game. Kevin Durant went off for 42 points on 16-25 from the field and Russell Westbrook chipped in 27 points and 10 assists of his own. The Thunder had 64 points by halftime, including a 39-point second quarter. We can harp on all the injuries that the Lakers have had to absorb and all the circumstances with which they’ve had to deal this season, but defense is about EFFORT more than anything. Just as scorers practice shooting or getting to the basket to exercise their skill, defense must be played time and again for any player to develop any instincts. Right now, the Lakers’ defense should be called Seven Seconds or Less because that’s approximately how long their defensive efforts last.

Jordan Hill News – According to the Lakers’ sideline reporter, Mike Trudell, Hill had further tests done on his hip and it’s likely he will need surgery, which will render him inactive for the remainder of the season. He hits just keep on coming, don’t they?

There isn’t a lot to report tonight. Nothing NEW to report anyway. The Lakers now sit at 15-21 for the season, have yet to win a game in the new year and are riding a 6-game losing streak. Each game is becoming more bleak as we all wait for this team to wake up.

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