Report out of Miami regarding Lamar.

Palm Beach Post: In other free agent news there’s no progression on Miami’s pursuit of Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom, but Odom, a free agent, has resumed talks with the Lakers. Negotiations aren’t expected to be prolonged.

Despite this report, D-Wade has reached out to Odom on his Twitter page…

Twitter: This is for Lamar Odom…come back to where it started for the both of us..the franchise u help build back up wants u to End it all here

  • Dan

    1st. wow.. wade really needs to stop making comments about getting odom cuz the heat aint getting odom for less money then the lakers are willing to pay him.

  • jc

    it was one year and you got a free title out of odom leaving. leave it alone wade.

  • Wallace

    Face it, LO. Miami is the team that betray you and trade you so stop listening to those “Come Home” bs.

  • Chris Manning

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    Exactly. It’s nice they want you… so bad they traded you for Shaq and a title. The Lakers stuck by you and you grew with this city into a true champion.

    Stay home L.O.

  • EVan T

    Yea LO how many times did you hear your name in rumors in LA ? Alot but we kept you everytime can’t say the same about Miami. Pat Riley would trade you again if the deal sounded right. Don’t let Pat Riley w/ his slicked back old fashion haircut fool you LO, he traded you once for an aging Diesel. And Dwade could leave you in South Beach with Mario Chalmers and Michael Beasley if he wants next summer, don’t stray from the repeat and the greater Los Angeles Area.

  • Wallace

    This is for D Wade. Why don’t you sign the contract extension first with the franchise who really want you to end your career there. I really cannot handle your bs. At the end of the year, you will probably quit your so-called home Miami and go somewhere else…You already had good franchise, but you still cannot win sxxt.

  • ScorpyDoo

    Hi to Mr. Wade im sorry but in my eyes you have poor persuasion skills..
    its like SMUSH PARKER persuading Megan Fox to be her girlfriend.. sorry you suck ^_^ Odom ain’t going anywhere..

  • jsales41

    I want Odom back bad, but from what J-Buss just said doesn’t look good. LA should just let him go and go after Gooden or Warrick. 4yr for 36 million tell me what person would turn it down in this economy, just losing a lot of respect for the guy. Lakers will be ok as long as Bynum doesn’t get hurt…

  • Sancarrworkout

    Cute he wants Odem to come back for Love…


    Wade is a laker hater and a jelus from kobe and the lakers and thats why he is trying to push odom to go to the heat . if hi cares about odom he could of ask th heat to keep him when they trade him for shaq.
    stop playing games wade

  • kobe4ever

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    Wade is a laker hater and a jelus from kobe and the lakers and thats why he is trying to push odom to go to the heat . if hi cares about odom he could of ask th heat to keep him when they trade him for shaq.
    stop playing games wade

    That’s an overstatement. Wade recently came out after the Lakers Championship said Kobe is the best in the league right now, and said that’s no disrespect to me, dwight or lbj but kobe is the best. that was his quote look it up on google. so stop assuming things and hating just for the hell of it. wade is just trying to recruit odom who is staying in LA, but can’t blame the guy for trying.


    Go FU-CK yourself wade.

  • Please Leave LA Lamar

    Please leave LA Lamar and take sasha and luke with you…

  • fuck miami heat

    just dont listen to those loser team. just stay in lakers. if u want to win another championship u must accep the contract. dont fucking listen to miami heat. miami heat is such a looser.

  • dammit

    im so tired of this BS. at this point i dont care whether he signs with LAL or wherever we need to start focusing and preparing for the upcoming season!

  • Anon


  • Odom_fuc-kin_bia-tch!

    God dam LO, make your fu-cking mind.
    what a fu-ckin bia-tch!!!!!!!
    Lakers are making a great offer, stop being such a greedy bastard.

  • lakergreg

    Miami is certainly NOT where it started for LO.

  • Dave

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    Looser : free or released from fastening or attachment; a loose end.
    Loser : a person who has failed at a particular activity; one who doesn’t know the difference between two similarly spelled words

  • Fdog

    Wade knows LO ain’t coming so Wade will use this as an excuse to get out of Miami when the time comes – “You guys (Miami) can’t surround me with playoff experienced players…I’m outta here!”

  • kwame4mvp

    LO loves the attention he’s getting. Remember during that interview? Where he didn’t see his name on the list of top Free Agents? He’s enjoying the media coverage regarding which team he signs with. He’ll be a Laker.. stop stressin. Erbody needs a job in this economy. You think he’ll go on strike? Give me a break.

  • phil buss

    I am getting pretty tired of this stuff. Lamar Odom please get your balls re-attached, stop being a f-u-c-k-i-n-g p-u-s-s-y.

  • Back At It

    Just sign and trade him. He’s nice but not worth more than what they’ve already offered, which in my opinion was to much

  • Lamin

    it will be very foolish of u to leave la,u will regret that decision 4 the rest of ur life,why leavin a winning team to a losing one? pls stay in LA n win another tittle,its not all about paychecks