Fisher says other Lakers also have contacted the free-agent forward to urge him to re-sign with the team. According to the Times, nothing has changed on the Odom front…

L.A. Times: “We want him back badly,” Fisher said, “and I hope we can accomplish that in the next couple days.”

For now Odom remains an unsigned free agent, a week after owner Jerry Buss withdrew an offer that would have been worth $9 million per season over four seasons (three of them guaranteed) or $10 million per season over three seasons.

Miami, which can offer Odom up to $34 million over five seasons and potential state income tax benefits, supposedly has been flirting with Odom. Nothing seems imminent on that front, and a Lakers spokesman said Tuesday nothing had changed regarding Odom from the club’s end.

Nothing has changed from Fisher’s perspective, either.

“There’s no question that we need him back. We want him back,” Fisher said. “If those things are in place, hopefully we can just go and get this done and put this behind us and start working on 2009-10.”

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  • kevin

    First get odom get it over with GO LAKERS

  • Colin Bizzle

    second. can this just end already please!

  • Lakers4u

    Does this mean that if “nothing has changed from the laker management front” that means there is no offer for odom from the lakers?

  • lovekb

    Not a perfect player. And I hope Odom will get back

  • http://Firefox Fdog

    Tell Dr. Buss, not me.

  • ceballos_neverforget

    First Ron, then Luke, then Kobe, now Fish…

    TLN this is the SAME story posted over and over. It’s not news, it’s filler. Just because it has Lakers in the meat, doesn’t mean it’s relevant. This site used to promote researched articles with sourced materials, or at least there were cool exclusive interviews with sasha, or personally written stories by TLN staff…now it’s this story over and over…

    NEXT BIG BREAKING TLN STORY: “Mbenga Wants LO Back!”


  • as1084

    I think Odom is intending to sign with the lakers throughout this whole saga and is just delaying it cause he wants all this attention. this is the most attention i have ever seen given to a ROLE PLAYER! and thats what odom wants. he will be back with the lakers.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #80573 Will Be Quoted Here]

    WRONG!!! Tell Odom to sign the contract. A fair off of 4 years/$36M was made. What more do you want the Laker organization to do?

    It’s Odom’s decision.

  • hardy fishing fan

    Cool info. You explain it better than other sites I’ve read. Thx