I for one am really really happy about this… I hate tape delays… HATE THEM! Those who are pissed about this get into the 21st Century and pick yourself a DV-R. :-D

L.A. Times: Re-signing Andrew Bynum was a solid move and the Lakers’ fast start to the season has been nothing short of spectacular, but here’s something that might really excite their fans: Live telecasts from the East Coast!

Channel 9 for years has shown games from the Eastern time zone and occasionally the Central time zone on a tape-delayed basis, angering fans that wanted to follow the action as it happened but drawing higher ratings by showing games at a later hour when larger audiences were available to watch.

This season, every Lakers game will be telecast live.

Thank you, KCAL!

  • Michael_23

    Ahhh Finally! Those east coast, Miami, New Jersey, New York, Atlanta games are now live!

    No more accidentally going on ESPN and knowing result before the game is over!

    Man who watches those 4, 5 pm shows anyways? Geez.

  • Michael_23

    I have a DVR already, but I’m also getting a slingbox to watch those early games at work! Hope my boss isn’t reading this …


    Michael_23 <<— Hardcore laker fan!

  • MILO

    this is great!i actually went out of my way to tell my friends to boicot the tape delay’s as a statement to ch9 i hope there was other true real fans out there that did the same thing! we have won the battle guys…

  • 1ofMany


  • Yoni

    Second best thing that could happen to me as a Laker fan!

  • daboss1848

    i loved those tape delays – not only was my heart ache lessened by saving myself the torture of watching an ugly losing game but my wallet was full from taking money from the not-so-bright bettors who thought the game was live.

  • Mitch4Pres


  • Lakers 24 7

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    lolllll…I’ve done that a few times myself…good times

  • 24allup inya

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    you got to be kidding me! that reminds me of my friend 6pack and his brother im going to try that on them!

  • cody g

    thank you. finally. LAKERS DOMINATION

  • http://www.guiltybyaffiliation.com IamJustinM

    Helll ya!!!! Great decision, KCAL!

  • Fernando Franco

    If it’s true, these are the best news I’ve heard all year…
    It’s almost too good to be true…
    About Time!