Kevin Garnett is now a Celtic, something I think he will regret for the rest of his NBA career.

Kevin Garnett’s quote about the Lakers was, “I didn’t know the whole Kobe situation so…” That makes total sense; you couldn’t call Kobe and ask him? Even saying that you act like you had leverage in the trade.

You didn’t want to go to Boston and now that Ray Allen is there you love it? Amazing how a 30 year old with two bad ankles can make you do a total 180.

So to Garnett, good luck over there and when Kobe drops 60 on you in the Garden and they start chanting his name again like last year, I think you will then have realized that you choked and you should of demanded management to send you to beautiful Los Angeles, California — Rather than cold and muggy Boston, Massachusetts.

As an avid preacher of the movement, am I bitter that KG didn’t come to LA? No, I actually really don’t care as much as I thought I would. I think looking back at it logically the possibility of Kevin McHale, a man with Celtic pride in his blood ( I guess the phrase over there would be… bleeds green and white?), getting KG to LA was near impossible.

A guy that once close lined Kurt Rambis, he would of never sent KG to LA, and ill even take it one step further, McHale knew that Garnett had to be moved, and that they were going to re-build, so why not send them to your alma mater, in a sense?

There’s no doubt in my mind that McHales past with the Celtics factored in more than we might think when sending him to Boston.

It also goes both ways why he probably didn’t entertain offers from the Lakers or he wouldn’t really entertain a three team deal. No matter how much older he gets, or how professional he says he is. Deep down he still hates the Lakers and in return loves the Celtics with all his heart.

“Hey, I got a 10 time All-Star that I need to trade, hmmm… What team should I trade him too?” I might be over exaggerating but in sense that’s how it went down.

The “Get Garnett movement” was in no way something that was a waste of time, it was in no way something that never helped and was pointless. The fact of the matter is the “Get Garnett movement” will always be remembered for the idea that it instilled the passion, hard work, and determination for the diehard Laker fans.

The Nugget, posting relevant Laker news up to the minute, LD2K using the visual effect to let us envision a more promising future, hZm making the site looking ridiculously sick with his professional graphics. It was a site that was mentioned on both NBC and ABC, mentioned by Fred Roggin and Rob Fukuzaki. Was shouted out on the radio, LD2K was a guest on a radio show in Minnesota talking about the movement; people were emailing us from all over the world talking about the movement and the Lakers in general.

The “Get Garnett movement” was in NO way a failure, in no way something that we should be ashamed of. But now it’s time to make this site what it truly is, #1 in Lakers news, rumors, and articles. We no longer worship or hope and wish for one single player. We will not be known as the Get… Anyone. We will be known as getting the Lakers back to a championship level.

Phil Jackson said, “We’re only one piece away.” There are still options out there for us to look into and to upgrade our roster. The movement in a sense is still there but has just re-focused back to what it really was in the first place, a site for passionate Laker fans to speak their mind and hear about rumors and possibilities of making our roster better.

The users are still passionate and want to make a difference and want to be heard. All that being said, it is essential that we don’t forget what got us here; was not a failure nor was it something we should forget about. Now we move on continuing to report the Lakers in a professional setting for the FANS, the Laker Nation.

To say the movement is over is ridiculous, we just no longer worship some All-Star that rather be with Paul Pierce then Kobe Bryant.

So my personal opinion is we need to change the site name ASAP, we cannot forget where we came from, but we must move on in a more positive direction without the Garnett cloud hanging over us.

Till then we will still update the site with all relevant Laker news and rumors… Gasol, Jermaine, Artest, whoever!

We still have hope to upgrade our roster significantly and get Kobe in better spirits. Remember, most of the deals that go down don’t have too many rumors, so right when you least expect it we might make a move that catapults’ us to the NBA’s elite.

This quote still sums it all up and stays very relevant…

“The Power of the people will never be defeated”
– Fred Roggin, NBC

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  • The Nugget

    BTW, this article doesn’t reflect what will happen this weekend. Just FYI. :)

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    Guys I’ve been thinking. We lost KG, lost our chance at Gasol. JO is about the only other player I can think of that we can get right now who can make a difference. If we do not land JO, Kobe is leaving after this year. Guaranteed.

    I don’t think JO is worth both Bynum and Odom, but if bringing in JO is what it takes to keep Kobe here, I say pull the trigger. With any luck, a Kobe/JO combo may be enough to lure Webber and/or other players we can use. It’s two all stars. It’s a start. This current roster isn’t going to do any better than last year anyway.

    Losing Odom & Bynum is a bummer. Losing Kobe is catastrophic.

  • dark_ice18

    Great read… i feel better… THELAKERNATION!!!!

  • cooleo24

    LoL,HAHAHAHAHAHA, KObes drops 60 on them and Celtic fans r gonna move to LA. And then KG gonna get emotional again on TV.

  • nba analyst

    lakerkid…yuou have my kind of sense of humor. Although your trade has as much credibility as any Artest trade posted in these pages.

  • Nikko

    KG never wanted the Lakers.. best if he sold his house in Malib, he’ not welcomed here!

  • dark_ice18

    i made this….. Kobe Bryant NBA commercial “I LOVE THIS GAME”

    …what do u think?

  • dark_ice18

    CHECK OUT MY MIX: “Kobe Bryant – We Are All Witnesses”

    anyways back to my ideas…

    imagine we do this…

    we trade: Kwame, Farmar, sasha, and pick (kwame and sasha expiring K’s = 11 million) in return we get Artest and 2nd round pick

    also because we brought in Artest maybe Chris Webber would like to join as well for vets min…

    LOOK at the improvement:

    Fisher/Javaris/Coby Karl *(expierence and javaris and karl are big guards)

    Kobe/Mo Evans *(Kobe = GOAT of NBA & Evans brings athleticism)

    Artest/Luke/Vlade *(Artest = best periemeter defender & Luke and Vlade are great bench players Luke = 6th man)

    Lamar/Webber/Ronny/Vlade *(Lamar would flourish as a 3rd option, Webber is expierenced and perfect for the triangle, and Ronny MR ENERGY!, and vlade can play PF as well)

    Bynum/Mihm/Ronny *(if Bynum improved like the way Al Jefferson improved then Bynum will impact us greatly, all im worried about is how well is his defense gotten? & Mihm and Ronny are great backups)

    *PLUS we got Sun Yue and Marc Gasol anytime we trade a player b4 the deadline and we need a player ASAP we bring em over!)


    CANCERS are out = KWAME & SMUSH…& expierence is IN! (Kobe,Fisher,Artest,Lamar,Luke, and Webber)

    …now thats a rap!

  • hibachi

    hahaha…funny stuff! i think kg wouldn’t regret his decision to go to boston… its a perfect fit! when cassel and spree went to sota for their first year they went all the way up to the conf. finals he became the league mvp and took sam cassel to his first all star appearance and tag flip saunders along with them not to mentioned being the number 1 team in the mighty west before eventually losing to the was much fun to see an underdog giving his all to his team to be a winner period! the only person i think who’ll regret to be laker next year is no other than our beloved laker kobe bryant! tsk tsk tsk! now he knows what it feels like going to the playoffs and losing in the first round.. for 3 straight years!now he knows what kg felt during his stay in sota… now he knows he can’t do it alone.. now he knows he’s no mj because shaq carried the lakers on his back not kobe… he’s just a typical scottie pippen to shaq… but lets face it!. its not kobe’s fault! the front office and the owner should be blame for this not kobe he’s merely a puppet in the scenario.. so kobe if you’re reading this go to the bulls baby! and be the mj that i always envisioned you to become!!! and leave the lakers before you regret it!

  • gcdeen

    I’ve been off this site for quite some time because of all the negativity and lame trade scenarios. But now that Garnett is gone and the Lakers are looking at a sub 500 season, we really need to make some moves immediately. The best player out there right now is J.O. He’s claiming he’s 100% and ready to prove himself, he’s spoken to Kobe during this summer and wants to come to L.A.
    You know, I’m no Yankee fan, no Red Sox fan, no Patriots fan. But there is one thing that those teams do each and every year that the Lakers don’t do. They try to make their teams better. Even if they don’t succeed at least the fans see that they’re doing everything they can to try to make the team better. Here’s the thing though, Mitch doesn’t want to give up anything to get something. He’s holding on to Bynum like he’s Shaq or a top 5 center. He’s probably top 30. All you people out there who say don’t trade Lamar and Bynum for O’Neal, you guys are the same ones who were happy to just make the playoffs last year. We need an all star to go along with Kobe. Lamar is injury prone, we’ve seen that every year. So let’s trade the two to get O’Neal already. We automatically jump up to a 50-55 win team.
    Then we make some other moves to pull in Artest. We could be a 58 to 60 win team with those 3, and probably lead the west in defense. Suddenly we are contenders with Dallas, Spurs and the Suns. We wouldn’t be that old and would probably be contenders for around 4 years. During that time we pick up a few gems along the way, we harvest good players like mo evans. And ultimately, what would we be sacraficing…Bynum, Odom, Brown, Sasha, Farmar. Hmmmm…when was the last time one of those guys made an all star team??? When do you think they will? If ever?
    Otherwise, Kobe will be gone, we’ll be forced to build around an unproven slow center in Bynum, Odom will probably be so banged up he’ll retire by then, Brown’s hands can’t grow, Sasha still can’t shoot other than in practice, and Farmar will just be another UCLA unproven.
    So let’s do this already. Enough of this sitting around! Make some moves, do it before it’s too late because the fans have become very impatient along with Kobe!

  • gcdeen

    One more thing. Let’s start a rumor to get Radmanovic traded. (see below) Even though the Lakers could have voided out his contract after the snowboarding incident. Why didn’t we void it Mitch? Seriously?

    Anyways here’s my rumor I want to start:

    “I heard that Radmanovic has been training each and every day in the gym. His hand is back to 100% and he supposedly made 43 out of 50 3-point shots in shoot around. He’s been hitting the weights and working on his footwork and looks to be a force on defense this year. What a steal at 5 million a year.”