No Jerry West out West…

Unfortunately the bad news keeps rolling in. West was asked about a possibility of returning to the Lakers, he had this to say:

Daily Breeze: “I’m absolutely not going back to the Lakers,” West said assertively. “I’m 69 years old. I’ve been at this long enough. It’s time for me to step permanently to the sidelines.”

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  • hellbydante

    Does Magic Johnson have a role in the Lakers organization?

  • Jason

    PUT MAGIC IN POWER! Magic, besides West and Phil, is the only dude that Kobe trust!!!!!

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    He does but not that much power because it’s believe the Jim Buss has been dealing with all of these things and has no concept on what’s going on. Magic has given Kobe a call yesterday to make him ok and stop talking about what’s going on. Although right now no one likes how Jerry and Jim Buss is doing right now, they have to call Kobe up, say I am sorry and entrust either Magic and Phil with the players with his (Kobe) knowledge. I think that is the only way to make him happy. I still believe he is just pushing the Lakers office to do something and with the Media’s help it’s really making things go a lot faster. Shouldn’t be taken as a joke because he publicly said it meaning that’s what he feels unless the Lakers makes something happen.

  • gstoneballer

    If West indeed is not coming back to Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant will not be a Laker for long. Like Jason above me said, Kobe only trusts Magic, West, and PJ. And who knows if Magic would ever want to be a gm in this league. He wasnt to good as a coach. I dont know whats going to happen, Kobe does not trust Mitch, JIm or Dr. Jerry Buss. How can we believe that they will make a deal to help kobe, when all they have done is made the Lakers worst. Its hard to think that but the lakers have got worst over the last 3 years. The Caron trade is one of the worst trades in laker history, lets not even get started about the Shaq one. The Lakers could be in for a long dreary summer, cuz i dont think you keep someone that demands out, cuz i do think that if Jerry West is not back as GM, he is wants out!! so the ball is on the lakers court. There are reports Jermaine O’Neal is on his way, but at what cost, Odom bynum draft pics? that too much for Jermaine. I guess time will tell, but it looks really bad rite now.

  • kweeze

    …….mitch kupchak has worn out his welcome he’s destroying the lakers orginization

  • ray

    lets hope west is saying this because he’s still under contract with memphis. and lets hope that it’s still possible to get garnett rather than o’neal


    J. O is comming so his tactics worked, to bad it had to come to this but everything is going to be O.K. So stop crying and don’t believe any news story, especially the L.A. Times, who are Kobe haters….

  • Jeff

    Bottom Line – Kobe wants Mitch GONE!!! Kobe knows Jerry West wants to retire. They are good friends. Kobe is beating around the bush when he says he wants Jerry West or hes leaving… In other words..

    “I want Mitch gone, or im gone”

    Simple as that..

    As far as a replacement – Give it to Magic Johnson. He cannot do any worse than Mitch has!!!


    Mitch leaving will not improve the Lakers situation. J.O. comming to L.A. will. Dr. Buss should fire his kids and get real sports people running the show. Look what happend to the DODGERS when Fox took over, they sucked bad, let go of everyone that was good, now real sports peeps are running the show and things are getting better… Business should bot be mixed with family…


    [quote post="235"]If West indeed is not coming back to Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant will not be a Laker for long. Like Jason above me said, Kobe only trusts Magic, West, and PJ. And who knows if Magic would ever want to be a gm in this league. He wasnt to good as a coach. I dont know whats going to happen,[/quote]

    He only trust himself, the way it should be. Remember Mitch is only a small piece of the front office, Jim is the terd who is f&%king everything up, cause he is jelous of his fine ass siter, God I wish I could hit that, no matter how old she is she is still HOT!..


    [quote post="235"]PUT MAGIC IN POWER![/quote]
    The only thing Magic can run is the drive through window at Fatburgers! LOL..

  • kb2481

    take ketchup out at least put magic in

  • lakers

    hellbydante, magic is part owner but not a huge part just a little thats why you see him on tnt alot.

  • Christopher

    Mitch Kupchak just be an assistant G.M so Jerry West can be the G.M.

  • Lakerjones

    Who wouldn’t want Mitch gone? He sucks. But he’s done Jerry and Jim’s dirty work so he’s here to stay. Jerry West would be a consultant or some other position than GM. Nonetheless, West on board is clout – trades could actually go down, and good draft picks might actually happen. Plus, Kobe would chill. If I’m Jerry Buss, come July 1 I open up the checkbook once again, offer West something real nice and say welcome home. Heard David Aldredge on Mason and Ireland today and he says when he talked to Jerry today he said the same old same old, not going to do anything more, but then left it open at the end. He felt they weren’t going to be able to get him this year, but next he would be back in an advisory role. Sure would like to see it now though.