Check out Kobe’s upcoming kicks. I think these are the sickest, by far.

KATC: Following up on the hugely successful and popular Nike Zoom Kobe IV, Nike is set to release the Nike Zoom Kobe V. Like the IV the Nike Zoom Kobe V will feature the low top that Kobe fell in love with and won a cookie in. According to these pics the Zoom Kobe V will feature Zoom Air in the heel and if you look very closely you will notice what appears to be Flywire strands as well.

KATC will have much more on the Nike Zoom Kobe V as it gets closer to the official unveiling. For now, enjoy the pics [HERE].

  • GuyLBC

    Those pics are of the fake/pirated version. Those are not the final design for the Zoom Kobe V.

  • OaklandLakers

    Pretty dope. Not as good as the IV’s but still sleak

  • Pb2000

    I really do hope that those pics are fake. I also cross my fingers that the ZK5 look nothing like that because these sneakers in the pics are plain ugly. I’ve been through 5 pairs of ZK4’s and the ZK5 should be an improvement, not the other way around. ZK4’s are great btw.

  • Alan

    the release version pics are out on

  • mr.22

    the colorways is good enough than the others posted on other sites. it’s simple but as lonngs as it’s comfy, that would be great. love the IV. movements were not llimited. do hope to have the V.

  • Jim

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    • well

      They’re fake dude. I hope you’re a spammer for their website.

      • well

        not a spammer*

  • Jim

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