This one is for all you sneaker heads. As Kobe gets older, his shoes seem to get lower. Feels like he’s using his utilities to help slow down his ageing — little Bruce Wayne like. Have a feeling the Zoom Kobe X’s will likely just be barefoot with a Nike sticker slapped on the side of his foot. Shoes look great though!

Kobe_V_stage_12.09High Snobiety: Nike and Kobe Bryant today introduced the Zoom Kobe V, Nike’s lightest basketball shoe ever, at a global media event held at The L.A. Forum in Los Angeles. Rising to Bryant’s challenge of making his signature sneaker even lighter and lower than the previous iteration, Nike Performance Footwear Creative Director Eric Avar came up with a 10.6 ounce low-cut performance shoe – one ounce lighter than the Nike Zoom Kobe IV.

The initial inspiration for Kobe’s low-profile shoe came from an unexpected place: the soccer field. “I watch a lot of soccer and have seen how the best footballers in the world make sharp cuts at top speed in lightweight, low-cut footwear,” Bryant said. “The demands they make on their feet and ankles aren’t that different from what I’m doing on the court, yet nobody assumes they should play in high tops.”

Aesthetically, the Nike Zoom Kobe V, incorporates aspects of Bryant’s game and personality into details such as a heartbeat traction pattern (for the heart, passion and self-described “maniacal will” Bryant brings to the court) and a dot-matrix symbol on the front edge of the outsole, representing a codified language sequence.

Available first online through a unique Nike iD campaign beginning December 26, 2009. A retail launch will take place January 1, 2010 in China and January 16, 2010 throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.


  • kiantech

    I like the kobe iv more

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    I love these shoes. 10.6 ounces is a big difference from the Zoom IV’s 11.6 ounces. Im definitely copping me a pair or 2. Just waiting for the colors I want to come out.

    At first I didnt like them compared to my Zoom IV but they grew on me and the shoes are supposed to be more on performance than looks so thats what Kobe’s shoes specialize on.

    LeBron’s are opposite of that though. They weigh alot and they dont even look good. Kobe’s shoes are the best shoes whether they look good or not.

    Cant wait for the release of the Zoom V.

    Good work Kobe!

    • lehype

      lebron will never have a better shoe line than kobe. He might as well go after the aesthetic aspect of his shoes rather than the performance. Kobe’s shoe line keeps improving itself: lighter weight, lower to the ground, comfort level. Theres no competition to lebron’s bulky, heavy, uncomfortable shoes. I mean really, I’ve tried on lebrons shoes and it feels like im lugging around in a pair of boots. they are heavy and too wide to make strong hard cuts to the basket


        I agree with you that LeHype will never have a better shoe line than Kobe, but there’s no way in hell that he can even think to go after the aesthetic aspects of his shoes either… every one of his shoes so far looks like a pair of BOOTS! With the exception of LeBron 4s, all of them look like that they belong on Carrie Ann Inaba and J-Lo(class) and the rest of the fly girls on ‘In Living Color’!

        LeHype’s shoes are ugly, heavy, and gives no advantage as far as performance. Even his 4s which I thought is a great looking pair of shoes ends up hurting your achilles heel.

        I know that you agree also that they look and feel like boots, but I calling it now that there’s no way he’s ever gonna to have a pair of shoes that will surpass Kobe’s line both in performance and in aesthetics! No Way!

        Even Kobe’s toaster shoes from Adidas ( the Kobe IIs without the laces) were far superior in comfort and style than LeHype’s current shoe. That boy’s got no taste! And by the way he’s been acting during the Cav’s wins… NO CLASS either! Glad they lost last night!

        GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Mamba24

    Don’t look too different from the IVs

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    ugliest shoe ever…….like your ole lady.

  • purple’n’gold

    like Mr. Stu Lantz says they are NIIIIIICCCEEEEEEEE!
    this shoes are similar style as the other ones, just updated . they are really comfortable playing ball , am getting a pair for shure.

  • The Closer

    Kobe’s shoes are designed like a fine Italian sports car, it hugs the road when you take a sharp corner. Lebron’s shoes are designed like an American muscle car with a huge engine and excessive weight, it drives really really fast, but only in a straight line, like Lebron’s favorite and only move, straight to the rim.

    • Kam Pashai

      Oh my god, that’s a great analogy.


      Great analogy indeed, but I don’t see the American muscle cars in them… I see the huge ass over indulgent SUVs in them. Because even back in the day, the American muscles with their hemis had some really innovative and awesome design lines and LeBricks are definitely more like work boots and that’s why I think that the SUVs is more apt for this analogy!

  • Roberto Blanco

    Yeah i agree i like the IV more…but i cant wait to have a fresh pair of these!!!

    • KB MVP

      I want the kobe zoom 5

  • KB MVP

    when the kobe zoom V come out

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      Im getting a pair too. They come out on 26th, December, not too long from now.

  • KB MVP

    hey is anybody here

  • Jim

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