Good news or bad news? What do you think, Lakers Nation? Sound-off…

O.C. Register: The agent for Andrew Bynum was caught off-guard like the rest of the Lakers world by the New York Post story speculating that the Lakers are interested in sending the young center to Toronto for Chris Bosh.

“I had no idea,” said agent David Lee on Monday. “I wish he (the reporter) had called me. I’m in New York.”

Lee said any “talks” between the teams would be a bit difficult considering Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak currently is out of the country.

  • imarealfan

    awwwww no!!! not David Lee again!!! I had forgotten that Ariza’s terrible agent was also Bynum’s…let’s hope he doesn’t find a way to ruin everything…again

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    This guy can go to hell. Knowing him, hes gonna pull off an ass of a move that will hurt the Lakers (the Ariza thing made it better for us, we got Artest). But getting rid of Bynum is no solution to our point guard issue. I wanted this trade at first but not any more, Bynum is destined to be the franchise centre for the Lakers.

    • 09champs!

      I´ve noticed I agree with a lot of what you say, I fisrt thought that Drew for Bosh was a no brainer, but not after watching him play yesterday.

  • travis anderson

    andrew has all the talent in the world but he is lazy. andrew is all about andrew getting his numbers. if the lakers can trade andrew for chris bosh this would be the smartest thing. andrew will never become what we thought he could be. if the trade is there the lakers should take it. Kobe Bosh Gasol Artest Odom.. you kidding me? Drew has talent but he just doesnt care about the team. he wants his!

    • WifelovesLuke

      Dude, Andrew can’t become what YOU want him to because he is the third option behind Kobe and Pau. Even Kobe said as much. Do you really think there are enough touches to go around on this Laker squad for Bosh to just step right in? Come on, man. It just can’t happen. Kobe eats first, then Pau, then Bynum. Since Pau is out, Bynum is eating more (ie: getting more touches) Basketball 101. Glad I could clear that up for you.

      • Geloman

        I agree completely. I don’t think Bosh would be too happy being the third option on the team especially coming from a team where he was the franchise player. Also, will the Lakers, who are already way pver the cap, have enough to re-sign Bosh in the summer when he can command a max salary elsewhere and when he is an unrestricted free-agent. Remember, we already sign Pau to an extension and Bynum’s salary is cheap for a 22 year old true center who’s still got so much room for growth. The Lakers won with this current team, they just need to get healthy.

  • Rock_um_Sock_um

    Isn’t he the same idiot who screwed up trevors deal?

  • lakers0828

    Bynum will not be leaving so please lets all put an end to the Rumors of Bosh to LA

    • KOBE THA MVP 10′


  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    yess!lets end this garbage soap opera busy body rumor..sounds like high school bynum would be very stupid and backward anyway!!!lets talk about what we really need..a point guard who can score off the bench,and a little d wouldnt hurt.. i noticed one guy mention brooks that sounds like a cool with fisher starting,but we need someone off the bench to score an be another option.cuz boston an those other top teams are loaded an we are short!in the end its gonna wear us down..famar isnt going to do it..farmar is no rondo.. an fish is 35.. l.a.’s gotta shop for a point guard. an not a washed up has been!

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      A true point guard wouldnt hurt. Someone that can play like CP3, or Nash that pass first, and seek ways for their teammates to score, play sneak D that can get steals without seeing it coming rather than “I got the ball, Imma shoot it”. Not saying thats how Lakers are, but Im saying there are point guards like that and Lakers should keep away from them.

      • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

        yea a dangerous threat a decoy that can actually score yea like nash,kidd,c.p.MAGIC..john stockton type.thats why i agreed with the guy that said brooks,so yea we’re on the same page

  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Guys a 7 ft center young as he is hard to find.
    But if he isnt playing with desire now do you really think he will step it up when Kobe isnt there?
    Kwame was the same Jordan would try to get that lug
    to play and you see where that went.
    Bynum is A a pussy B no desire C Afraid of all centers but weak ones. D his agent is a idiot so look for something to happen.
    When you listen to Phil,and Kobe on this guy its just a olite complaiment.
    They see what he s about. Has the potential but lazy
    Kareem knew that . Kareem backed off until the kid said he was going to train his way. What this idiot thinks hes better than he really is.

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      He never said he’d train his way, just after Kareem told the world about his leukemia, he has been spending more time in NY at home than with Bynum.

    • WifelovesLuke

      Does anyone on TLN bitch and moan about this Laker squad more than this jack off? We have the best record in the NBA with some key injuries and all he wants to do is talk ish about our team. Dude, go chat on the yahoo message boards. You’re better suited for that crap!

  • rondo

    Every Black player is lazy! coming from all couch potatoes.

  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Marwad he quit traing with Kareem in summer.
    Lakers knew Kareem had Leukima for 4 years .
    Bynum sucks he will never be a star not even a allstar.
    The guy is7 foot marshmellow


    It’s FCUKIN NEWS TO HIM because he’s an IDIOT! And all the players that this douche bag represents are idiots too for not gettin rid of him! He “…had no idea…”, what the fcuk is he gettin paid for? What a fcukin JACK @$$!

    FCUK OFF DAVID LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • daboss1848

      Ariza defintiely an idiot for keeping him . . . but w/o this guy Bynum would be earning his worth of 8 max. . . . but there is no way he can know about this b/c it is yet another figment of Vescey’s imagination.

      • ab4sure

        So Detroit offers Ben Gordon 10-11 million and at the same time offer Bynum 8 million? Do you make a distinction between worth and market rate? What is Charlie Villenueva making?