Ron Artest is awesome. Check out what he told Lamar…

toodomN.Y. Daily News: Now that he’s a Laker, Queensbridge product Ron Artest is lobbying for the defending NBA champs.

The former St. John’s star says he has reached out to fellow Queens star Lamar Odom, who has yet to re-sign with L.A. and turned down a four-year, $36 million offer. And Artest thinks their home-borough connection will do the trick.

“I hope that helps,” said Artest, who drew a crowd as he made an impromptu appearance with the Queensbridge team in the Hoops in the Sun tournament at Orchard Beach in the Bronx Saturday. “I hope he comes back to play with us. I already reached out to him and will (again).”

Artest’s remarks came on the heels of Heat superstar Dwyane Wade telling The Associated Press earlier in the week that he wants Odom “back home (in Miami).” Odom and Wade were Heat teammates in 2003-04.

Artest also told the Daily News that before he inked his five-year, $33 million deal with the Lakers earlier this month, he gave heavy consideration to signing with LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“It was close (to happening), but the Lakers showed more interest,” Artest said. “They’re my boys (James and O’Neal), though. Shaq is still my boy. I’m looking forward to playing with Kobe and going after a championship.”

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  • trbo823

    Make it happen, RON RON!!!!

  • P()()P

    Queensbridge connection!!!!!

  • Paul Kruger

    You guys should do a deal @ $38,000,000 for four years, which is
    the midway point between what the Lakers offered you and what
    you’re seeking. $9.5 million per season is a very generous deal
    given the economy we’re dealing with, and it’s a fair conclusion
    that will keep you here in Los Angeles. Lamar, this is where you
    belong. Let’s win a couple more rings.

    All the best,
    Paul Kruger

  • lucid

    Not a bad idea Paul.

  • http://UNKNOWN~ ROSKOE420


  • lo_in_la

    good job!!…i think kobe should talk to him also

  • Anon

    Why don’t we just send willy wonka to odom

  • David Regoso

    trust me if Lakers Odom goes to the heats then hes stupid…he’ll get 3 million dollars less then what he wants and 2 mill less then what the lakers willl give him

  • Billy Kupchak <~lobbying for TLN ~(:

  • Colin Bizzle

    @ David-
    Actually because of taxes he will make about the same amount of money. Florida doesnt have income tax, Cali does.

  • lakerferlife7

    he has to pay taxes on the away games

  • Jive Talking Turkey

    Ron Ron will Hoodilize Odom into coming back.

  • Toon

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    I’ve never heard of that until this “Odom to Miami” rumor. If they don’t collect income taxes, then the government’s revenue has to come from elsewhere right?

    Still, even if he makes the same money with the Heat’s MLE, his chances of winning more rings in LA is more than certain.

  • Gino

    @Colin Bizzle

    That may be true that Miami’s MLE may be close to the Lakers offer, but Odom gets the same amount by playing one less year. Odom is going about this assuming he’s never gonna play ever again after the end of this next contract. If Odom does decide to play that 5th year after he finishes his contract with the Lakers, he will be making more money than anything that Miami can offer.

    So all this talk about Miami offering the same to Odom completely doesn’t make sense to me, even with the differences in tax rates.

    Besides why is Odom even that picky about this? Artest came to LA w/o even thinking about that. Consider he came from the Rockets, a state that doesn’t have a state income tax. When it comes down to it, those nit-picky details shouldn’t matter if your true goal is winning the championship. just my thought on this whole soap opera that’s become Lamar Odom’s free-agency.

  • Jive Talking Turkey

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    Texas and Florida have real high property tax. thats how they make it up.

  • Milo

    [Comment ID #80263 Will Be Quoted Here]

    there is something called a salary cap!!! LO is not worth 9 mill a season!!!


    If Lamar signs with the heat… it’s a dis to Ron Artest

  • Steve in Vegas

    Milo there is no cap on LO because he has been with the lakers. They can offer him whatever they think is rational. He probably is only worth about 7-8M because he cannot focus for more than one game every three. Perhaps candy induction program is warranted!
    The real concern the Lakers want is flexibilty on the the 4th year, in case LO is over the hill in his 3rd yr they can dump him before his 4th year. That is why spreading the difference over 4yrs is not the point as raised above. The Lakers don’t want to be stuck with the Vlade’s and Walton’s that balloon up there total salary. If you give LO the 4th year. He will be 34yo. It is likely he will not age as well as Kobe. I would sign Kobe into his late 30’s without a second thought, but LO, I agree with the Lakers. Maybe a team option for the 4th would fly, but LO would probably reject it.


    what ever …………

  • Sean

    This is just a rumor, may not be true. I work in LA and saw a Lakers rep, not gonna be specific for the simple reason if they read this, which they probably don’t, I would get fired! After I congratulated him on helping deliver the trophy back where it belongs… LA!! I had to bring up Odom… He said nothing but a smile and body language said it all in my opinion. He will be back! And then seeing Kobes tweet I am all but certain! I slept good last night and will again 2nite! If I am wrong I will never post again!! LO announcement Monday as a Laker= Repeat!! Oh by the way thanks Shaq (who I like) for messing up Cavs rotation!! Not gonna work. Just wait and c. Spurs R biggest rival next year… Go Lake Show!!

  • oooP

    kobe’s tweet? he’s on twitter now?

  • Joanna Flores

    plz ron ron wont change a thang!!!! we needs a prayer to keep his azz!!!!

  • LO 7

    come on lamar just sign the contract

  • aquilan

    I used to hope hard for LO to come back and sign with the lakers. But after all this drama, I figured the lakers may benefit more with LO gone as this will force Phil Jackson to depend on Bynum more and in turn will give him all the opportunity in the world to fully realize his potential and to work hard to keep his conditioning. I really felt during the last year’s playoffs that Bynum didn’t reach a comfort level because he knew he would be easily yanked out in favor of a more effective LO whom Phil Jackson actually preferred. If Bynum becomes a real factor for the lakers and not just some filler in the starting five, then the lakers can become great. I would rather have an effective big center than an inconsistent and oftentimes clueless power forward who likes to hang out on the perimeter.


    kobe does not have twitter. [Comment ID #80334 Will Be Quoted Here]

    kobe doesnt have twitter. ur prolly following an imposter. if it doesnt say verified account then yeah.. hes an imposter. haha a bunch of people are following who they think is ron artest under real_ron_artest but his actual twitter is 96TruwarierQB.

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    the selfish prick kobe took all the money…no more rings,thanks selfish mamba


    Well its Monday, so now what?


    [Comment ID #80363 Will Be Quoted Here]

    but see kobe is actually worth all that money. did u forget that bynum is gettin paid $56mil off of last year’s contract?? and he didnt even show up in the finals. it koo tho. work out with howard over the summer should do him right.

    oh, and the lakers WILL get odom back.

  • lucid

    Still no news :(

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #80354 Will Be Quoted Here]

    that’s a very good point.
    but a very big gamble, as well.
    we know now that lamar can deliver in big games. but we don’t know for sure about bynum in anyway. but it does make sense that bynum needs to be on the court more than he has.
    but a counter argument could be that phil goes with experience in big games/playoffs/finals. so bynum obviously would not have gotten the minutes over odom.
    and bynum again only had half a season.
    the thrill will to see if play a full season.

    also….it’s monday. what’s the decision lamar?

  • james c

    Odom can get the 38 million for 4 years, but the 4th year should not be guarranteed! He’s a good player but can get very inconsistent. Sometimes he’s put up 22pts 15 rebounds 3 blocks; other nights it will be 6pts 7 rebounds. This offer would be fair to keep him a little more on his heels. It’s not bad for a 3rd or even 4th option player for the Lakers

  • lakers2000

    Damn it, come on already. I’m going to get fired for going to this site every 5 minutes! Pull the damn abba zabba out of your arce and sign!!!!!! Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BrettW

    [Comment ID #80377 Will Be Quoted Here]


    My stomach has been aching for 1 1/2 days now, where’s the news that he signed already?!? :(

  • lakers2000

    I wonder if Artest snuffed his ass. No one has heard ish from him.