Hey everyone! We just finished a quick change to the layout. This is just an idea we had, but we want your feedback. Let us know what you think of it and if you want to keep it around (with changes made).

Have any other ideas about the site? Let us know.

The layout should only be like this for a day or so, depends on the feedback we get really.

We’re waiting for your opinions…

  • Shane Bien

    I like it!

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    Shane, you’re a staff member. Your opinion is worthless here. Haha

  • steve

    At first when i logged on i got all dizzy and confused but after a couple of mins it was cool…Everything seems to be layed out better and not as clutted……well done guys I LIKE IT…I LIKE IT ALOT

  • magicbalala245

    hzm keep the layout this way really feeling the site looking like this

  • sincebirth1

    it looks more open… flows better visually,
    thumbs up.

  • kb24 4life

    yeah its good..

  • fatty

    It looks more, how do you say, balanced?

  • nyla

    I like it. The last layout looks sloppy compared to this.

  • Fan of the Mamba

    I like it!

  • jack

    love it. better.

  • osm0nd

    me no likey. i usually need my TLN fix every hour or so on my phone ad for some strange reason it loads a lot slower on m phone now. it looks great on my mac though.

  • BEC

    The new layout is really good. Like fatty said its more balanced.

    What happened to the rotating pictures of Lakers players up top on the page? I like the new lakersnation logo thing, but the ones with the quotes and pictures of phil, fish, kobe, and so on were much much better.

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    [Comment ID #15165 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Couldn’t keep those with the new layout. The header size is too wide.

    We’re going to try another look later today.

  • RoWyN

    Honestly, there’s too much stuff on the main page. It’s like a fastfood with all of the dishes written on the wall. =) (sorry.)

    Putting the articles and comments in the middle is a good idea. The only thing is that it’s a little bit hard to just glance at them because there’s too much stuff on the left side.

    With too much crap, the website will look like this:


  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    I’m actually NOT a fan of the layout. People come to read the articles and I think the double sidebars is a bit too much (compresses the main beef of the website; articles, stories etc…)

    It looks damn nice, but content is being sacrificed.

    That’s my take.

    I LOVE THE LN video player. I got to get one of those up on LD2k.com ;)

  • http://myspace.com/nugge7 The Nugget

    We are going to tweak some stuff tonight, guys. We were just testing this layout and will be testing a new one tonight. Hopefully, tomorrow morning everything will be where it should be. :D

  • Lonestar848

    Me likey

  • MILO

    What happened to the feature where you could go back to previous dates on the Lakers nation???The timeline at the top or watever???

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    [Comment ID #15259 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Its there. Just click on “Older” on top and it should show up.

  • e-bucher

    I can’t stay logged in…the only way i can use the shout box is by going into a comment section…but when I am logged in and go to the home page…it doesn’t let me use the shout box cuz it says I am not logged in…this first started happening the day this new layout came out…

  • http://myspace.com/nugge7 The Nugget

    [Comment ID #15334 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Clear your cache and cookies and restart your browser. This isn’t a TLN issue but it should do the trick.