has made an exclusive offer only for TLN referrals during the month of July: Free Shipping on ALL Lakers Jersey Sales!

Also during the month of July, you will receive 10% off your entire NBAStore order to celebrate Phil Jackson’s 10th NBA Championship.

You might as well take advantage, right?


    If I didn’t have over 20 laker jerseys I would consider this, but I guess you can’t have too many Laker jerseys

  • Cheryle

    Great deal! =) I think I’m gonna order a Shannon Brown jersey and get it made in the store. Hopefully they re-sign him. =|

  • Yoke Kuan

    Hmm, free shipping is applied but not entire order? Anyone has the problem too?

  • gus26

    well hopefully they put up all 3 ron artest jerseys before the end of july..

  • RJ

    theres only 1 hat on sale wtf

  • RJ

    nothing but a hat

  • ThE NeXt FaRmAr

    ya i was about to buy one but i still had to pay for shipping so do i have to do something to get it free????????



  • Master Zen

    What do you mean by referal? How can we do to get this offer?

  • NBAStore_TLN

    To clarify, FREE shipping is on jersey sales only. If you purchase a jersey with other items, you will have to pay shipping on the other items. The 10% off will be applied to your entire order.

    To take advantage of these TLN offers, click on any of the text links in the blog. Hope that helps. :)

  • Ravi

    I’m having trouble redeeming the 10% off. I tried clicking on all the links and placing an order, but the discount won’t show up when I go check out. Can someone tell me how to get the discount?