This is a great new ad featuring Dr. Dre and LeBron. It even makes a few comedic references to Kobe. Check it out here.

  • Frank

    hahaha I was hearing about this commercial and now i finally see it. The part at the end when he comes out with the laker gear is hilarious!

  • F__K That!

    good one.

  • Chris Manning

    This is a great way for LeBron to overcome some of his negative perception by poking fun at himself. Too bad it’s overshadowed by obscured racism comments. None the less, this is an awesome ad that I enjoyed a lot.


      Exactly! Had LeRace Card just STFU, and allowed all the criticisms to take its natural course, then things would have been better for him. And this commercial would have done a lot to win over some of his critics and fans. But, some people in this world just don’t have the ability to accept responsibility in them, ergo the race card.

      And Maverick Carter saying that he takes some of the responsibility for the debacle of ‘THE DECISION’ because it could have been handled “a little better”… Man, you take half the responsibility and LeLead Me Astray takes the other half! And as far as it could have been handled “a little better”, it couldn’t have been handled “any worse”! IDIOT! That goes for LeStraight Outta High School for giving Maverick Carter, a college drop out, to handle all his sh!t.


  • DCLakeshow

    That’s right Lebron. Keep playing the race card, keep giving interviews, keep doing commercials and photoshoots. Mamba will be planning his Christmas attack.

    “You can take that to the bank.”

  • Gugy

    That’s a great commercial.
    Gotta give props to Lebron, They are poking fun at him big time and he is playing good sport.

    Dr. Dre is good too. Funny shiat.


    lol that was actually pretty funny…

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    its nice to see the face of the N.B.A having fun……….

    • laffs atu!

      All talk and no action makes laffs atu a DULL GIRL!

    • showtime4eva

      you mean the shame of the N.B.A dont you? go ask charles barkley..lebra is like a bad movie that gets more STUPID by the minute. shows what kind of taste you have hahahaha!! see we really do laff at you.

    • showtime4eva

      heres what charles say’s about le bra..On LeBron talking about race being an issue in the criticism he’s received:

      “It’s like watching a movie. Just when you think it couldn’t get any stupider, it gets more stupid.”

      On LeBron continuing to make bad decisions:

      “Howard I’m telling you. Sometimes you just say he’s making bad decisions and you’re like okay, he’s gonna get it together. Then he makes more bad decisions. The thing that’s interesting about LeBron, I don’t think Magic, Michael, and myself, we said we wouldn’t have did it. That’s not a criticism. We were asked a question. I don’t want to play with Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, or Michael, I want to beat them. That’s strictly basketball. The only criticism I’ve heard about LeBron and it was my biggest criticism, that decision thing was just stupid. It was stupid. The second thing when they all came out there dancing around on stage, that was silly. That’s the only thing I’ve heard LeBron get criticized about. That has nothing to do with race. That’s what makes this last thing so stupid. That’s stupid. The only criticism of LeBron has been the decision and the one hour of our life that we can’t have back. And ESPN, oh my God. Oh my God. To go down to training camp and report everyday is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. I’m watching yesterday and one of the guys actually said LeBron looked fierce in practice. I’m like fierce in practice? What the hell does that mean? He was fierce in the second day of training camp. You’re like come on man, he really didn’t say that did he. This summer with LeBron and all the stuff that went on is like a bad movie. You just can’t make this stuff up.”

  • Fidan 24

    Hahaha lol that girl is my cousin, and i was there when they shoot this Video, it was freaking funny as hell, they had to that part with a lakers jersey for over 10 times lol, they would laugh all the time when the guy will pop out with lakers gear. But it was really fun and funny tho

  • gameplan, and like

    that video is racist lol! when can lebron have that championship jersey????????

  • i0ioooooi0i

    damn, dr. dre got ripped.

  • laffs atu is a fruit

    Damn, Dre looks swolled!

  • kisofdeath

    Dre’s from compton so you know he HAD to get that stuff in haha i bet the whole time dr dre was jokingly givin lebron about the lakers and kobe winning back to back haha

  • kisofdeath

    *giving lebron shit

  • acgod15

    if this went off on my tv id be crackin up! oh god he roasted lebron

  • lakers0828

    Thats funny I wonder if Lebron was paid to do this comercial lol

  • 242LakerFan

    You know, I almost (almost) have to give it up to LeBron for making this ad, even though it makes him look bad. Then again, maybe he didn’t realize it would come off like that.

  • Robert.

    I don’t know. I’m having second thoughts about ‘the decision’. Maybe it was supposed to be a joke? Maybe LeBron is ‘never’ serious about anything? Recall one ad years ago in which he was prepping for a game, and they asked what music he listened to to get motivated, and they played it – Cyndi Lauper’s “Time after Time”.
    Maybe LeBron meant the whole decision thing to be a silly play on himself, and it totally backfired?
    I just get the feeling he’s not ‘that serious’ about basketball, STILL. He tries, but can never be as intense as Kobe. DWade throws his ‘existence’ into games (I think he averaged 8 falls a game, remember? That can do some considerable damage). But LeBron always seems to be wanting to be a ‘showman’, of sorts, basketball or not (c.f., his ‘photo shoot’ with the Cavs, and the pre-game ‘powder throw’).
    He’s even trying to be mad about the whole backlash of the decision.
    I just can’t take him seriously anymore. It’s all a joke (which was cause for my disappointment at his decision). I have said in the past, that the best move he could have made for ‘basketball’s’ sake would have been to join the Knicks. (actually, any move he would make would have been good for ‘basketball publicity’, but I’m talking about the ‘history’ of the game – NY would have been a great market destination, and brought back the NY-LA-Boston triumvirate). But, I think he still ‘gave up’ by going full blown media/glamor. And he has the entire ESPN lackey universe following him.
    At least it will be a fun ride, up until (and including) the Lakers Championship win in 2011.

  • 242LakerFan

    ESPN shall hereafter be referred to by their new initials: EKLA – Everyone Kissing LeBron’s Ass!

  • LakersSGC139

    This was really kinda cool, Labra is such a succ’n sellout, I loved seeing his ass get clowned. Labra is not the face of the NBA, he is the face on that tattoo DWade got on his ass, biaach! Chris Bosch, oh my has ET grown, triick! What up Dre, still waitin on the toxic, come on man quit BS’n.. All in all that shit was kinda funny. World Champion LA Lakers 4 Life!!