TLN Exclusive: LD2k’s “Where Gasol Happens” Ad

Title: Where Gasol Happens
Created By: LD2k
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Description: After many requests to re-create the Celtics, “I remember” ad in which the Celtics fans landed KG as they are celebrating, I decided to make my own version for the Lakers fans with the landing of Pau Gasol. There were some challenges with PiP effects (TV/door) but I think it came out great. Hope you guys enjoy! It mirrors the actual ads in my opinion!

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Chris Manning is a co-owner and video producer for In addition to his "LD2k" fan-video productions, Chris is working as the "Production Manager" for HS3; A Digital, Brand Strategy and Marketing company based in L.A. which represents the digital entities of numerous high-profile athletes. You can follow him on Twitter for a wide array of sports/Lakers talk!
  • KiKosDad

    LOL !!! pretty cool one.. where did you get the other snippets that you inject??? anyhow.. good one LD2K. Thanks!

    Now…all we need is something original…

    BTW…the song is “Day after Day” (by Bad Finger) … I mentioned it the last time

  • e-bucher

    hah…that was tight…

  • JCBiglessworth

    LOL dude that was sooo awesome, wasnt it the one for boston aquiring KG commercial tho??? O well, ours is wayyyyy better. The new dyanasty starts tonight!!!!!


    pretty sweet!

  • kilacrosova

    Nicely done bro!


    great video


    LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • jagjr10


  • Marc

    I think i just shed a tear…

    Good work, sir…

  • zenmasta

    Kobe, Bynum, Pau, LO and D-Fish…OMG i think i just eeked my pants…

  • darkice18


  • kb24mvp

    lol great vid,i wish the nba would make a real one for us :)

  • k0be da 1 andonly


  • ecstyle

    how do i create something like that?? what editing program did you use?

  • Michael_23

    Shaq to be with the Suns? Dude can barely play the uptempo game.

    This will make the Suns a worser team.

    … Do it!

  • MILO

    I cant explain how happy i was as i watched Kobe and Gasol working togethere on the same fu-ck-en team i almost shed a tear!!!

  • LD2k

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