Title: Retribution
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Description: With the 2009-2010 season about to start, there is one goal in mind for the fans. The championship memories from last year should not let us forget there is unfinished business with the rival Boston Celtics. The time for RETRIBUTION begins… today.

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  • Grammar Patrol

    This sent chills down my spine like three times. Good work, Chris.

  • Short Dog

    Paybacks a bitch. Revenge is so sweet. But I don’t think the Celtics will even make it to the Finals. I do know Kobe wants to repeat. Kobe accomplishes everything he puts his mind too. And now we have TEAM. LAKERS ARE #1. SHORT DOG

  • deemac1

    Im a little confused? Who’s revenge are we talking about? Cause we got ours already! We are the champs and we beat them twice last year. So no need for revenge now. Now its called defending the crown…..

    • touchingmyself

      kinda in agreement with deemac1 here!

      • ilikebasketball

        yeah. shoulda been something about we are still waiting to cut their throats or something. also, i agree, don’t think they will make it to the finals again. but i know cleveland won’t, and i don’t think orlando will without turkeyglue, so maybe boston, by default.

        i hope maybe this video is shown to the players and keeps ‘em hungry.

  • touchingmyself

    Kinda confused about this video. Yeah, I know that we would still like to kick Cockston’s åss to win the title, but like Short Dog said… they ain’t even gonna be in the Finals! That team’s old and done! As far as I’m concerned, we’ve already got our “REVENGE” when we beat them twice last year! And both of those games were statement games!

    Then there’s the “revenge is coming” tag… did you guys see the movie? Do you remember what happened at the end? Yeah, that’s right… the guys that were seeking revenge got their åsses handed to them. The Autobots killed the Decepticons again, so I’m not sure that “revenge is coming” is the tag that we want to hang on for this coming playoff season!

    • Laker Marc

      Add San Antonio to that decrepid, ols, dinosaur list of dying and ‘done’ teams. I don’t care who ytou signed…..’09-’10 REPEAT!!!!!

  • Laker Marc

    Retribution would be more appropriate of a title for LeBron, and that loser isn’t going to do anything this year either……. Hopefully he’s enjoying his time guesting on The View, Good Morning America, making movies, etc……. Hollywood LeBron, EXCEPT THE REAL HOLLYWOOD DON’T WANT YOU

    • touchingmyself

      see laker marc, I’m not sure if that repribution thing would fit lebrick either because i never saw him or his team as actual contenders for the crown! it was ALL hype last year for them. it was the damned NBA wanting to promote this guy and dub him as the successor to Kobe before Kobe’s time is up!

      but i do agree with you that we’ll repeat! in fact, as long as we play to our max potential… this team will 4 peat including this past season’s title!

      oh, and since you brought up ‘the view’, you see how fcukin lehype dodged barbara walter’s question about not shaking hands with the orlando players? all he said was well, first of all, them guys ain’t as beautiful as you all are. and that was that! WTF?!? is this guy gettin ready for a career in politics after? never a straight answer. i will NEVER trust or vote for a person who will not answer a question directly! if you’ve got nothin to hide then just give it to me straight! so, lecrap will never get my vote for anything. i don’t even care to see him in the all star game, that’s how little i think of him!

      • Laker Marc

        Touchingmyself…I didn’t watch that episode of the view….I don’t watch it at all… but saw the clip on You Tube.

        LeBrick and The Celtics are just haters. Atleast The Lakers were in the Finals 2 years ago and yeah they lost and they got their butts beat bad!!! but they endured and repeated their appearance in the finals last time, and won!!! Where was Boston? Where was LeBron, getting eliminated by a team The Lakeshow made a mockery of this past summer. And now FAT Shaq is supposed to help create the second coming? NOT!!!!

  • Short Dog

    no team can hang with the Lakers not even the East All Stars.

  • gugy

    I don’t think we will have a chance for revenge since I doubt the Smeltics will make to the finals again. KG still not back from his injury and Boston gets older and older by the minute. I think their shot of a title is over but we need to wait and see what happens.
    But still, beat them at their home will be nice.
    I for sure would love to beat them at the Finals, I just don’t see that happening. 20 more years without title for them.

  • lilkobe24


  • Luke4Lvp

    the celtics have been the ugliest team in the nba the last couple years and now they add daniels and sheed. damn! talk about hideous lol

  • lakerfan_4ever

    Celtics,prepare for what’s coming to you…winning a Championship hasn’t extinguished our taste of revenge,let it be known that this time,we will destroy you…mark our words…

  • kob24

    Whats funny is pierces face. look at him he looks like hes getting f****d hard by the guy on top of him. On the serious note all the shit he said that they’re gonna win a championship well lets see if they can get outta the 2nd round this year first.