Many Laker fans want to see Dwight Howard in LA.

Those fans almost certainly imagine what it would be like to see Howard play with the Lakers alongside Kobe Bryant.

Well LD2K has taken it a step further with the following video:


  • Eidraq

    This video is awesome! Kobe and Dwight on the same team means chance to win a championship for the next 5 to 6 years. Let’s get em!!

  • Kobe forever
  • ilikebasketball

    fuck howard.

    i’m behind bynum, even though i know i’m in the minority.
    pau will step up and bynum won’t get inured.

    all we need is a PG to back fisher up consistently and to get ready to replace him.
    that is all we need!

  • Anonymous


  • 11

    i won’t be surprised if the lakers would land howard in a trade. he clearly wants to play and be a lakerand play with kobe. the lakers management can make it happen.

  • 123kid

    these videos are what were missed during the playoffs last year. 

  • Chadbaird12

    Welcome back Chris! bout time!

  • sheds

    Nice preview for the season. Now ship Bynums ass over to Orlando and get Dwight!