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It highlights KB24’s big plays from this year’s playoffs. Sometimes through this drama even I forget how much fun it is watching this guy play basketball. Relive the sunshine that was bright in this year’s dark, dismal post-season LD2k style.

Enjoy! And Post All Your Comments here!

  • The Nugget

    Great stuff, man. I hope we can see more of this next year. :)

  • darkice18

    great work LD2k….kobe was playing his heart out every game….i jus wish his teammates played half of kobe heart….NEXT YEAR IS THE YEAR…. :D

  • believer

    Maybe next year some of these highlights will include perhaps an alley-oop from or to KG??
    hopefully … :D

  • george_matar

    Awesome work LD2K that video was so good u make things that would look ok to great great kobe probably loved AKA Kobe For Pres