Title: Desire
Created By: LD2k (Video)
Length: 1:41
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Description: This Lakers team is about to defend their title. Their passion, dedication and desire is evident. The team, the fans, the city; Our desire to be the best comes from within…

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  • http://www.mixmakers.net/forums/ Imadogg

    I looooove it man. So damn well done, his voiceover fits everything. You are great as usual.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Artest “TIME-OUT!”

    I laughed so hard when I saw that on live TV. I watched him get that 3 and I jumped off my seat and then he was like to the crowd “TIME-OUT!”

    Man I love this guy (no homo)

    He is down to earth with the fans and his team mates and he is a great player and defender. I think he proved he still got it on defense against the Hawks when he had 5 blocks and shut down and put Johnson on ice.

  • gugy

    well done!

  • Short Dog

    Props on the video. It feels good being on top. It took a while but the Lakers got there.


    I don’t know fellas… I was lovin it, it got me emotionally attached and quietly pumped up for our season, but it seemed like that it was just suddenly cut short! I think that with the cut ending where Kobe’s jumpin around is a little misleading, I felt like that the video should have kept playing a little longer.
    When Kobe says “it’s the feeling that you’re right where you’re supposed to be…” it would’ve been better with a shot with the players faces shown and possibly embracin after they just won as opposed to only their backs… not quite as connected then.
    But overall an amazing production, especially the different zip codes part and the shots of Ron Ron and Kobe! Keep up the good work!

    GO LAKERSNATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 242LakerFan

      I agree with you about it being cut short. It doesn’t seem finished. There’s no climax or punctuation at the end.
      Otherwise it’s a really well put together video, as usual.

      • chadb

        Video has to match up with the voice over. Another excellent video by LD2k…. You guys can always make your own videos, don’t be dissin these videos

  • LakersFirst

    Just stay healthy….no other obstacles will be in the way.

  • http://www.jjceleb.com Megan Fox JJC

    Good job Chris. Another job well done!

  • WifelovesLuke

    When you listen to Kobe’s voice over, you really get a sense of what he’s all about. How HE understands the journey of an NBA season and what it takes to WIN. He continues to prove to me that he is BY FAR the best that the NBA has to offer RIGHT NOW!!

    Nice spot, Chris. Keep em’ coming!!

    1-2-3 Ring!!

  • Sean All Ivy

    sick video

  • chadb

    another sick video. Thanks Chris. Can we get this video’s like every other day hahaha. Love em.

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