Description: The Los Angeles Lakers are the defending world champions. Gold runs in their blood. As they make their final push towards the post-season and a 2nd consecutive NBA title, there will be those to stop them.

Title: Basketball Immortality
Created By: LD2k (Video)
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  • chief youngblood

    The Lake Show is my favorite power house team, but I live in new orleans and see most all hornets games , so i know about things about julian wright and things like that ??

    so i assume you guys in L.A know about all the small dynamics of your team , so since i’m probley the largest adam morrison fan i’ve ever met .

    somebody let me know if he gets any minutes , and does anything productive . all I get to see are national televised games and the twice a year against the hornets .

    so was that on fire summer league run in vain ?

    • hello world

      none lol hes probably gone after the season. maybe new orleans will pick him up!

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  • http://57.amklac REALITY

    INTENSITY?guess you missed that MIAMI game!GEEZ.

  • bruno


  • 242LakerFan

    Goosebumps @ “He will need you…(RonRon)”
    Awesome as usual Chris.

    Keepin my blood pumpin purple and gold. Just like it’s been since I was 9 years old.
    Stay droppin vids in that Championship Fashion. Fuelin my fire, stokin my passion.
    Watchin the journey to Chip Sixteen. Wit my boy Chris to chronicle the dream.
    But it ain’t over when Kobe lifts that gold ball. A video wrap-up by LD2k will say it all!

  • LC09


  • daboss1848

    great work!
    but by the demographic exhibited in the shoutbox after wins/losses, I recommend a Disney soundtrack for future videos.