Here’s our new(er) layout.

We like it, but we want to know what you guys think. If you have any ideas/comments/suggestions please feel free to let us know. Let us know if you want anything added or removed, or if you want us to return to our old layout.

Also, Internet Explorer users, let us know if you’re having any problems with the new page.

  • BEC

    I really like the new layout, much better than the eariler one, but my only complaint would be that lakertube higlight video. You guys should remove that, its just clutter, its much too small to really watch a video.

  • kyler_hay

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    i agree

  • l@kers4life

    I like the new lay out, dont know if you do this but what about on game days if you can put live score of the game for people that dont have a way to watch the game .and just for fun before the game do predictions from fans on the final score, just ideas.

  • hZm

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    I’m actually trying to figure out a way to do live game scores.

  • Left

    It’s not bad. I perfered the first one with all the text centered and the info on the sides.

  • e-bucher

    nugget…it didn’t work…i deleted all of my cookies and cleared the cache and it still doesn’t keep me logged in when I am at the home page…=/

  • The Nugget

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    Hmmm… No clue, man. This usually happens to me like once a month but if I clear my cache and cookies, all is fine. What browser are you using? We recommend Firefox. :D

  • RoWyN

    This layout is better on the eyes (mine at least.)

    If I had to personally change it, I would:
    – Take off the “Recent Comments” section.
    – Move the search field on top of the articles.
    – Put the Disclaimer on the very bottom.
    – Put the Online Users on top of the message blog.
    – (Maybe) put the LakerTube and Calendar side by side. (I really like the highlight tube)

    Other than those good job. Just tweak it a bit.

  • e-bucher