The latest regarding the Lakers and Artest:

SacBee: As far as the continuing frontrunners in the Artest sweepstakes, I’ve been told by a source close to the Lakers that there are no ongoing discussions. The next relevant date remains Friday, when the Lakers’ deadline to match Ronny Turiaf’s offer sheet passes. It’s at that point the Lakers may decide to take on Kenny Thomas to fill Turiaf’s old role or quite possibly engage a third team in the deal so as to avoid his contract. As for whether the Lakers have offered Lamar Odom, that hasn’t officially happened but I’m told he is absolutely available.

  • Freshh

    And the saga continues..

  • BringDFishBack

    Hmmm who to believe on if they will trade Odom…some no name writer for the SacBee or Mitch. I’ll take Mitch.

  • Albert

    clippers 08 09!

  • BruinLaker

    lol the Sacbee is obsessed w/ Lamar. We’ve heard reluctance from the Lakers part but he is readily available according to them

  • pjt

    Odom for Artest is good for both teams…Sac can rebuild, and we get the warrior to go with our warrior…it’s win win for both teams…

    Lakers need to lock down Artest, show him he’s wanted and Jackson need’s to begin to mold him…


  • Rpoc

    LOL, now this dude says that the Lakers haven’t officially offered Odom.

    Sam Amick goes on my list of BS writers.

  • lakers1fan

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    That’s what i’m saying…..all this is B/S and at the end of the day come October…it will be KOBE, GASOL, BYNUM, LO, FISHER!!!
    and our weak a$$ bench with out Turiaf.

  • Whatsa

    I don’t really get what this Article is saying =/

  • yellowpurplefever

    Friday then, we will wait and see the headline. “KILL BILL” in theater 7/18 limited release LA area only.

  • Michael_23

    If we keep LO and get Artest, one of these guys are coming off the bench. Will they accept that role in a competitive conference in a championship team?

  • kb24 4life

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    i think LO will, but anyway i dont see getting artest w/o giving up LO, i want to keep LO, but i also think that artest along with bynum´s return, is the missing piece to our championship puzzle…


    Wait ’til next season.LO should givin’ the chance to play beside AB and Pau and then if it doesn’t work….MARION,hahahaha.

  • MILO

    Lakers need to keep LO wait till Artest is a free agent next season! he’s a fu-ck-en moroooooooooooon!!!

  • MILO

    i would like for the Lakers to acquire Andre Iguadola but im guessing we would have to dump our trash (Luke Walton, Mihm, Vlady) to be able to afford him and its really going to be hard to get rid of those guy’s!!!