This is really funny. I wonder who is guilty! *cough*Farmar*cough*

waawaaDaily News: The Lakers’ UCLA alumni club did its best to make Adam Morrison feel welcome – so to speak.

Morrison arrived at the Lakers’ practice facility Monday, a day after being acquired from Charlotte in a trade, to find a picture taped to his locker.

There was Morrison, sobbing, moments after his Gonzaga Bulldogs had been eliminated from the 2006 NCAA Tournament by Jordan Farmar’s UCLA Bruins.

“I have a suspect,” Morrison said with a smile. “I knew I would get some flak for that, coming to L.A.”

Trevor Ariza is also a UCLA alum, but incriminating photos aside, Morrison couldn’t be happier with the trade, which sent him and guard Shannon Brown to the Lakers in exchange for Vladimir Radmanovic.

Much has changed for Morrison since that tournament game. Most visibly, his once- famous shaggy locks have been shorn to a tight cut, and his facial hair has been trimmed into a thin goatee.

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  • imfasterthanur

    I have a feeling it was radmanovic. Sour are we?

    I’m kidding. If I was Farmar, I’d do the same thing.

  • Chris Manning

    I admire the fact he cried man. That shows he has soul.

  • pr0mega

    He either has a soul or a huge vag1na.

  • Jack

    I doubt he or the other guy will contribute at all before they get dumped…I don’t even remember the other guy’s name. That’s how good of an impression this trade made.

  • kobeism

    I was at that game. Morrison sobbing on the ground…one of the greatest images ever. Welcome to LA woman!

  • Ness

    That picture is how I remember him forever as a Bruin watching that game. He’s going to really have to prove himself if he wants to be redeemed in LA

  • xtro

    the guy can shoot. period.

  • sketch

    Glad to see that Morrison can take a joke. Also glad to see Farmar and Ariza pulling that $hit, it just shows me that they’re welcoming him into the family! I think it’s going to be a happy ending for the Lakers!

  • lafanfromindiana

    Hey Daboss, what would you think if I said Shannon Brown was going to be another dumb black man? Let’s not judge by color and move forward.

  • Lakers#1

    i hate these mid season trades. Lets say we win a championship and these two dont do anything. WHY DO THEY DESERVE A RING!

  • vibe

    Wow thats a bad picture right there.